‘MBFFL’ Fans Think Whitney Way Thore Lies About Altering Face

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Recently, My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney Way Thore, addressed rumors that she is using Kybella to alter her face. Although there have been claims that Whitney is using drugs to alter her appearance, she is claiming all changes can be attributed to her discipline.

Whitney Way Thore Sticks To Her Story

Although the premise of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is following Whitney Way Thore’s life amid difficulty losing weight. While she struggles with weight loss, she shows life can be fabulous along the way. However, fans aren’t buying everything she is selling. Over the past several months, Whitney’s weight has drastically been shifting. While there is chatter about it being related to using Ozempic or Kybella, Whitney is sticking to her guns by saying she isn’t using drugs to gain these results. However, fans are seeing a specific area under her chin melting away. Meanwhile, Kybella is an injectable drug that targets specific pockets of fat for, instance a double chin area. Undeniably, MBFFL fans think Whitney is lying about altering her face.

Whitney Way Thore Denies Using Kybella

Sadly, this isn’t the first time MBFFL fans had suspicions Whitney Way Thore was lying. Instead, many believe she is often lying to keep people engaging with her and the show. Not only are there suspicions of her fibbing about weight loss and facial procedures, but also claims the show uses a script. However, recently, fans are calling Whitney out for her video denying she even knows what Kybella is. On Reddit a critic posts, “Kybella.” Then they add, “She claims she doesn’t know what it is 😂.” Along with the text they include a clip from Whitney’s Instagram Stories in response to someone calling her out for using Kybella.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore confronts accusations she is using Kybella. - Reddit/Instagram
MBFFL Whitney Way Thore confronts accusations she is using Kybella. – Reddit/Instagram

During the video, Whitney Way Thore sports a beard filter and continually munches on Chick-fil-A waffle fries. Undeniably, the MBFFL star was quick to tell fans she didn’t even know what Kybella was, but she assumed it was Botox. Furthermore, she says, “Also I haven’t had Botox.” But giving fans something to work with, she admits, “I only had lip fillers once.” Adding that she had that in the summer of 2021.

Fans Believe Whitney Way Thore Is Lying

After MBFFL star, Whitney Way Thore confronts the accusations she is using Kybella, several people add their thoughts about her statements.

  • “I’m calling bs on her just getting lip fillers once.”
  • “She had already gotten it, then she went and got it again with her mom on the show, so, that’s already 💯percent a lie !!! 🙄.”
Whitney Way Thore shows a thinner neck and chin in her 40th birthday post. - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore shows a thinner neck and chin in her 40th birthday post. – Instagram
  • “She does realize that her, supposed, first visit was aired on TV right? She went with her mother. Who she of course tried to make feel bad with ‘funny’ comments. But they both got Botox (or an equivalent) at that same appointment!! She then talked about loving her lips. And her lips then continued to get bigger for an entire season, which does NOT happen unless you keep going back. I’ve stopped watching the show but I’ve seen enough to know this is just blatant lying. 🤥🤥🤥 THIS B*TCH. 🤬🙄.”
  • “Such a liar. No way shes never had Botox.”
  • “If not kybella then definitely lipo under the chin.”

Fans Show Disgust Over Her Video

Additionally, MBFFL viewers think it was absurdly gross that Whitney Way Thore finds it necessary to eat and talk during the video. Furthermore, fans also note her choice of food to consume during the clip doesn’t exactly promote “health.”

  • “‘Look at me, I’m chomping on this chicken with my mouth open and talking at the same time. Aren’t I so cute? Especially with this beard? I’m so unique cute and so much fun!’”
  • “It wouldn’t matter what else she was yammering on about. The fact that she’s talking with her mouth full is so vulgar and disgusting that it cancels out anything of value she might have to say. Of course she doesn’t, because she lies. About every. last. thing. She is gross. Full stop.”
  • “She f*cking lies about everything.”
  • “She researches the f*ck out of anything she does🤥 … so the whole idk what it is..such bullsh*t
    And I hate watching her eat and hearing it ughhhhh!! it’s so disgusting idk if it’s just me but 🤢🤢🤢🤮🥴.”

What do you think? Is Whitney Way Thore using Kybella to treat her double chin region? Do you think she is losing weight naturally or with the aid of drugs? Are you ready to see more episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life? Drop your comments below.

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