‘Sister Wives’ The Scene Kody Brown Admits He’s An A-Hole

Kody Brown - Sister Wives

Although the Browns were originally starring in Sister Wives to show the benefits of living in a plural marriage, over time the sentiment deteriorated. Without a doubt, patriarch, Kody Brown has made some dick moves along the way. But over the years fans began to see his mental state moving more and more toward being a straight-up a-hole to his family. Now, fans are reflecting on the exact scene Kody admits he is an a-hole and even says he will show it.

Kody Brown Didn’t Always Seem Like An A-hole

While the ins and outs of living in a plural family were initially sold as benefits for each wife and Kody Brown to support each other, things became increasingly more complicated as time passed. At the beginning of Sister Wives, they were portrayed as a family, functioning within the chaos of multiple family units, but connected. Kody was in a marriage with Meri, Janelle, and Christine. He soon shows the process of courting his new wife-to-be, Robyn Brown. But fans observe he becomes cold and harsh as time goes on. Undeniably, he is filled with anger and rage by the last season of Sister Wives. While he has said that many of his actions were to keep drama going for the show, he also knows it took its toll on his family.

Kody Brown's entire body language began to communicate disrespect. - Sister Wives
Kody Brown’s entire body language began to communicate disrespect. – Sister Wives

The Scene Kody Brown Admits He’s An A-Hole

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans point out the moment Kody Brown embraces he is an a-hole and admits it to the world. First, a fan posts: “Yes Kody, we do.” Then, they attach a video clip of Kody reacting out of spite. Within the short three-second clip, Kody admits: “Oh you think I’m an a**hole? I’ll show you an a**hole!” Almost snarling, he sets himself up to, in his mind, become the a-hole people claim he is. However, his assertion further proves to viewers that he is outright being one instead. In like fashion, he also discusses embracing the “devil” he has become. He says, “I should just be the devil I think I am now.”

Janelle Brown and Kody fighting - YouTube
Janelle Brown and Kody fighting – YouTube

Fans Chime In On His Statement

Other Reddit users chime in about Kody Brown’s temper flaring its head in the clip. But many fans have seen his anger and rage unfold through the years. He was undoubtedly struggling, and it began to spew on everyone around him. While it was more contained in the beginning, the natural stressors of maintaining a large family and the uncertainty of living plural marriage weighed on him. Sadly, any mental health gains he made after Season 18 are most likely undone by the tragic loss of his son, Garrison Brown.

  • “He’s finally becoming self aware.”
  • “Oh, Kody. Don’t worry. You show us with great consistency.”
  • “Yeah Kody, we think you’re an a**hole.”
  • “And I’m glad he recognizes his strengths as an a$$hole. It makes posting here on Reddit just that much more fun!! Thanks, Kody for being an a$$hole!!”

What do you think about Kody Brown admitting to being an a-hole? Do you think it is out of spite or embracing what he has become over time? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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