Did Janelle Brown Really Lose Weight On Her Pink Drink?

Janelle Brown - Access Hollywood - YouTube

Sister Wives fans wonder if Janelle Brown lost weight using her health drink. Sometimes referred to as a “pink drink,” it’s supposed to help with gut health. Obviously, a lifestyle change would also make a difference to those who wish to shed extra pounds.

TLC Star Janelle Brown Lost A Lot Of Weight?

The Sister Wives star claimed that she lost weight, and fans believe she shed about 100 lbs. Of course, that would certainly make a big difference to her dress size. A few years ago, she joined her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, in promoting the products, and she made an income off it. Nobody begrudged her earning her own money, but people wonder how much weight she really lost.

Robyn Janelle Kody Christine Meri Instagram
Janelle Brown – @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Janelle Brown tries to lead a healthy life and frequents farmers’ markets. Sometimes, she posts reels of herself working out. Often, she’ll walk rather than ride, if she can. While some TLC fans believe she obviously lost weight, others seem skeptical.

Sister Wives Fans Question Pink Drink & Weight Loss

On Reddit, a fan of the TLC show raised a question about the products and Janelle Brown’s weight. Fans of the show seldom body shame the cast, but if you sell a product that claims to help lose weight, then people will ask questions. The OP titled the post with “Janelle latest video (sic).”

Sister Wives Janelle brown
Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown – TLC YouTube

The full caption about the Sister Wives star elaborated:

Hear me out, because I think Janelle is beautiful just the way she is. But, this pink drink and cr-p their selling, if you think about it she’s supposedly been on this stuff for a few years now. And she is just a heavy as she’s always been. They say it helps you lose weight, and improves your gut health, but has it really helped her? I believe they know it’s garbage, as I never see them drinking it, they just have full bottles of pink water all of the time. What do you guys think? Do you think their intentionally shaming their fans so they can support their lofe (sic) styles?? Because I do.

Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 TikTok
Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 TikTok

In the comments section, it became clear that many people think the drink made no difference at all. And some of them opined that Janelle Brown looked the same as she always had. Meanwhile, others claimed she had lost a massive amount of weight.

Opinions Seemed Mixed

Here are some of the differing opinions by Sister Wives fans about the drink and weight:

  • Thyroid and hormonal issues can make a body hold onto fat even if there is a deficit. And there is no damn way a pink drink is going to help with either of those, either. This is honestly the only thing that really bothers me about Janelle. The jig is up, we’ve watched you on TV for over a decade now, stop lying to us.
  • I do think she has actually lost weight but I doubt the Plexus had anything to do with it. I tried it years ago out of desperation and it did absolutely nothing for me.
  • If that stuff was really as powerful and magical as they say it is she’d be a lot thinner after all this time.
  • God love Janelle but she hasn’t lost a pound. The scam pink drink is rubbish.
  • She actually lost over a 100 pounds in two years. It may be a MLM but whatever they’re selling works for some. It’s not a quick fix like ozempic. But she has lost weight. It’s noticeable too.. I mean she was in people magazine recently talking about it.
Janelle Brown 2013 to 2023 - Instagram
Janelle Brown 2013 to 2023 – Instagram

What are your thoughts? Do you think the drink and lifestyle change made much difference to Janelle Brown’s weight? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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  1. when directly asked on her IG why she continues to shill for plexus, knowing full well the countless articles and dr interviews about this snake oil, she never bothered to respond. She DOES need to stop with the endless lies she spouts about her magic flavored water.

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