‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Expresses Major Fear

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown, confided in fans about a major fear she faces daily. Likewise, she is wondering if it is a concern for anyone else in her support community. While it is easy to allow fear to take root, she is attempting to voice her anxiety with others to sort through the issue.

Janelle Brown Faces Her Fear Head-On

Lately, Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown’s life has taken a huge turn with the loss of her son, Garrison Brown. After such a big adjustment, it is completely understandable she may be feeling added anxiety. While Janelle tries to keep a calm mindset, at times it is easy for people to worry over issues that surround them. Undoubtedly, the Brown family has endured many fear factors throughout the Sister Wives storyline. As polygamists, the Browns have many underlying fears about government, police, and even hospitals. Not to mention the deep roots of fearing rejection for their personal lifestyle choices, especially after taking the plural family public. But Janelle is living and looking at life differently these days. Although her perspectives have grown with time, she is still confronting fears as they come her way.

Janelle Brown-YouTube
Janelle Brown – YouTube

Janelle Brown Expresses A Major Fear She Is Facing

On Janelle Brown’s Instagram Stories, she discusses a major fear that she has in her life today. First, she attaches a photo of a news story from 2023. Within the article it discusses ChatGPT. It says, “ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak.” Then she overlays it with text reading: “And this is old news!” Additionally, stating, “Does this cause even a small amount of alarm for anyone else? I have a deep concern about A.I.. It is a useful tool but it continues to evolve and get smarter at a very fast rate 😳.” Without a doubt, unreasonable or not, it is pretty scary how much AI knows. Likewise, most people can attest to the slightly creepy feature of AI’s predictability and underlying connections. Either way, it is therapeutic to talk it out with others who can help gain perspective.

Janelle Brown talks about a big source of fear for many people "AI." - Instagram
Janelle Brown talks about a big source of fear for many people “AI.” – Instagram

Sci-Fi Fuels Fear

Admittedly, in the Netflix hit, The Circle, one player was replaced with an AI Chatbot to perform another layer of social experimenting on the other players. Surprisingly, it eerily was able to fool many of the contestants. As any devout sci-fi watcher knows, there’s danger in artificial intelligence getting too smart! Although that isn’t a scientific reason to fear, it does make a person question the unknowns happening with the fast progression in technology. But the fears aren’t isolated to just Janelle Brown. In Scientific American, they address these growing anxieties. The article says, “Rapid advances in generative artificial intelligence have prompted big questions about the future of work and even human creativity.”

A.I. Bot Playing As: Max - Netflix
A.I. Bot Playing As “Max” in The Circle – Netflix

Furthermore, the article suggests focusing on the good aspects of artificial intelligence. Additionally, they redirect reminding people to look for ways AI can motivate them instead of fearing it. Likewise, it asserts, “Past technological advances have led to big societal and economic shifts. Some fears materialized, and some jobs did disappear, but many of the worst sci-fi predictions did not come true.” While it is a natural reaction to be concerned, it also allows learning more about new technology and understanding its reach. But who’s to say AI didn’t write that…hmmm?

What do you think about Janelle Brown’s expression of fear? Are you concerned with ChatGPT having too much reach? How do you overcome technology-related fears? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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