Whitney Way Thore Reveals How She Really Lost Weight

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Sourced from YouTube

Whitney Way Thore had every opportunity in the world to become a revered role model and an inspirational character. However, TLC fans bash her for being the exact opposite. Those who tried to congratulate the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star on her weight loss got cast aside like kitty litter. So naturally, she got bashed for it on social media.

Whitney Way Thore Thinks People Hate Her For For Being Fat

Per IMDb, the synopsis of My Big Fat Fabulous Life says that Glenn Thore’s daughter “[dances] her way through the haters.” Additionally, she “…[embraces] her body in a world that judges people by their size. She navigates both career challenges and relationship snafus with her vivacious personality.” Well, the bottom line seems to be that many TLC fans do dislike her. But, it’s not for being overweight.

Whitney Way Thore - My Big Fat Fabulous Life - TLC
Whitney Way Thore – My Big Fat Fabulous Life – TLC

If there is one major lie in My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC fans believe it’s calling Whitney Way Thore “vivacious.” For critics., she’s anything but gay, happy, sparky, and fun to be around. When she’s not obsessing about people hating her for being overweight, she’s obsessing about men, blaming them for dumping her. And, who can blame them? Many TLC viewers complain about her bossy attitude towards her friends like Jessica, who once told her to grow up.

MBFFL Star Gets Bashed For ‘Obsessing’ Comment

This week, the MBFFL star posted a reel of herself posing in a dramatic way that showed off her weight loss. In her caption, she talked about a “Mardi Gras” event, a continuation of Glenn Thore’s 79th birthday celebration. Naturally, people spoke about her weight loss, which is evident. Some of them called her an “inspiration.” Meanwhile, others gushed and told her how great she was. However, she spoiled it by clapping back at them.

Discussion on Whiney Way Thore - Instagram via Reddit
Discussion on Whiney Way Thore – Instagram via Reddit

On Reddit, Whitney Way Thore seemed to trigger many people who felt her obnoxious self deserved a drubbing. What? Is she vying for last place in the popularity stakes with Mama June Shannon? Nobody believes that she had no help with her 100-lb weight loss. But, her last line turned fans into haters fast.

Thank you for the compliments, but I really don’t like obsessing over my body and I don’t like it when others do it either.

Well, her passive-aggressive tone with people who pay her income was a massive turn-off. So, she ended up bashed by many My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers.

MBFFL Fans’ Reactions In The Comments

The TLC star who came over as jealous of her niece, and was accused of bullying her elderly father in Season 11, found a lot of criticism. If that’s what she wanted well, she won’t be disappointed. The OP summed it up, saying:

…that last line tho—-🤬B*tch, that’s your WHOLE EXISTENCE.

Commenters vented about the TLC star’s attitude, mainly because her entire show reveals her obsessing about her body when she’s not being eye-rollingly annoying.

  • The title of the show is “my big fat fabulous life“. Obviously, people are gonna talk about her weight, when she is only 5‘2“ tops, and weighed almost 400 pounds when the show started.
  • Her weight is a topic of conversation because she made it so. She literally pitched this show to TLC with her big girl dancing YouTube videos. Every season she wanted to show the world she could do the same things a thin person could do. Which resulted in varying degrees of cringe inducing challenges…
  • She’s so ridiculous. If she’s not obsessing over her weight loss & doesn’t want people commenting on it, then why post a video of her basically modeling for the camera to show it off!
  • Imagine making your entire personality your weight … and then ripping your fans a new one for mentioning it.
  • Don’t obsess about my body, but definitely watch my show that’s based on the fact I’m very very fat but still claim to have a very fabulous life. BUT DON’T MAKE IT ABOUT MY BODY, even though *I* make everything about my body.

What are your thoughts on Whitney Way Thore rejecting compliments from fans who are impressed by her weight loss? Do you agree that it seems very strange to clap back at people who say they find her inspirational? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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