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‘MBFFL’ Fans Call Out Contents Of Whitney Way Thore’s Fridge

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans adore Whitney Way Thore and want her to be around for a long time to come. However, she occasionally does things that have fans concerned.

Most recently, Redditors pointed that Whitney’s fridge is a little bit alarming. Keep reading to see what fans had to say.

Whitney Way Thore doesn’t keep a lot of fresh ingredients around

There are few TLC personalities that are more charming than Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. After viewing just one episode, it’s clear to see why she has so many fans.

But Whitney’s followers want her to be around for a very long time. They’re worried about her eating habits and nutrition. If she doesn’t take care of herself, they’re worried that she might get sick and be unable to be her true self.

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Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Everyone is entitled to a treat once in a while. But drinking only sugary beverages is going to have a pretty serious impact on anyone’s health. That’s why Redditors were concerned over a screenshot of Whitney’s refrigerator. There’s not a ton in the fridge to start with, but there are several bottles of Coke and Diet Coke visible.

There are a few healthy items such as berries visible, but those alone don’t really make a whole meal.

Whitney Way Thore from Reddit

“This is the fridge of someone who doesn’t cook,” one Reddit user wrote. Several other users added that a person’s fridge is their personal choice, but did agree that it didn’t seem like Whitney cooked much at all.

“That scene of her whisking the eggs without breaking a single yolk was painful to watch,” recalled a viewer.

Are you also concerned about Whitney Way Thore’s fridge? Or do you agree that it’s her personal choice? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

New episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life arrive soon

Episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life will be back on TLC before fans know it. And there are several questions that fans want answers to. Fans can’t wait until Season 10 arrives, but mostly, they just feel very concerned about Whitney’s mother Babs. She had a health scare and ended up being rushed to the hospital.

TLC already teased that Babs’ health would be an explored storyline in the upcoming season. But hopefully, everything turns out well. It would definitely put Whitney and several others in a tough spot if anything happened to the matriarch.

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