‘MBBFL’ Todd Beasley Says Whitney Way Thore Is Fake For Show

Whitney Way Thore - YouTube/TLC

Todd Beasley has opened up about his experience filming for My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He exposed Whitney Way Thore for being fake in a comment on social media. Continue reading to see what Todd revealed and what fans think about Whitney’s relationships.

Fan Calls Out Todd Beasley On Social Media

Fans know Todd Beasley because he and Whitney have been friends for a long time. Many people found it to be surprising when he openly exposed MBFFL as being 100% fake.

Apparently, Todd first started discussing the authenticity of the show a couple of years ago. However, some of the comments he’s made are just being discovered and resurfacing on the internet.

A fan took to Reddit and pointed out that Todd replied to a comment on his latest Instagram post. The post, a selfie from 2019, is the last thing Todd Beasley has posted. Followers comment on the snapshot and some of his other posts every so often though.

MBFFL Todd Beasley - Instagram
Instagram/Todd Beasley

In October 2022, one fan wrote, “Seriously why are you always late? It’s disrespectful how late you are and it seems like it’s every single time. Come on! You can do better!”

Todd Claps Back And Exposes Whitney Way Thore

Todd certainly took his time replying. He responded back to the person’s comment just a couple of months ago. The MBFFL star wrote, “When was I late? If I was it’s cuz they tell me the wrong start time on purpose to make it look that way I suppose in an effort to make things seem more interesting? Idk sounds boring to me.”

He also acknowledged the fact that he waited so long to respond, apologizing to the person for the “late reply.” These comments were not noticed for some time and there are still only a few people who have responded back to Todd’s comment.

MBFFL Todd Beasley Comment - Instagram

Reddit user took some screenshots of Todd’s comment and shared it to a fan forum. They introduced the post writing, “Even Todd being late is scripted.” Now, the screenshot is making its rounds online.

Several media outlets are reporting on what he has said about the show. Many fans have revealed that they suspected the My Big Fat Fabulous Life was scripted for some time now.

On top of that, Todd Beasley’s actions have made people question if Whitney Way Thore has any genuine relationships in her life. Many of her friendships and relationships seem either fabricated or long-distance. Now, fans seemingly have proof that the program is fake. After all, if they were really faking Todd being late, who knows what else is scripted?

Whitney Way Thore and Todd Beasley have allegedly been close friends since they were in high school. Both of them share a love for dancing. Fans are questioning even that now.

What do you think about what Todd Beasley had to say about Whitney Way Thore? Let us know in the comments below.

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