Fans Think Tyler Cameron And April Kirkwood Are Dating

Tyler Cameron and April Kirkwood/Credit: Instagram

Fans are convinced Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron is dating Golden Bachelor star April Kirkwood. They wouldn’t be the first Bachelor Nation couple to get together outside the show. Keep reading to find out why fans think they are the hottest new couple.

April Kirkwood Under Fire For Response To Golden Bachelor Divorce

April Kirkwood was one of the women pursuing Gerry Turner on the first season of The Golden Bachelor. She didn’t find love with the 72-year-old retiree, but did remain friends with co-star Theresa Nist.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announced earlier this month that they were divorcing after just three months marriage. Several of the contestants from the season weighed in, including Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts. While other contestants asked fans to give the couple grace, April Kirkwood went a different route.

April Kirkwood via YouTube

She left a comment on Theresa Nist’s post implying she warned her about Gerry Turner. April later apologized, but it wasn’t her first time making headlines for her behavior. She reportedly had a falling out with some of the other Golden Bachelor ladies she had planned to go on vacation with.

Fans Think Tyler Cameron And April Kirkwood Are Dating

The rumor mill is churning out new speculation about the love lives of two familiar faces from the reality TV world. Fans are buzzing with excitement and speculation that Tyler Cameron and April Kirkwood are dating.

Despite her recent outburst, April Kirkwood joined other Bachelor Nation alums to celebrate Tyler Cameron’s latest gig. The Bachelorette alum partnered with Amazon Prime Video for an eight-part series documenting his new career in construction.

The Golden Bachelor star happily posted a series of photos on her Instagram of the event. Several photos show her cozied up to the former model with his arm around her shoulder.

What a wonderful evening celebrating the handsome @tylerjcameron ‘s success,” she captioned the clip while encouraging her followers to watch Going Home With Tyler Cameron.

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to discuss the crossover. One fan wrote, “April sure looks cozy with him and very smitten in all the pics with him…. he did say he was dating someone but did not reveal who… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Another added, “New couple alert.” A third person asked, “Isn’t this the guy that’s dating Kat Stickler? Or idk..I saw him on her TikTok,” but was quickly corrected that they were confusing Tyler with Jason Tartick.

Tyler and April aren’t dating, but fans can continue to speculate and discuss the possibility of a new romantic partnership between two reality TV stars.

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