Ben Higgins’ Wife Shows Her Love With Meaningful New Tattoo

Ben Higgins and Jess Clarke/Credit: Jess Clarke Instagram

Ben Higgins married Jess Clarke in 2021 after a failed Bachelor relationship. His wife showed off her love with a meaningful tattoo. Keep reading for all the sweet details.

Jess Clarke Shows Her Love With Meaningful New Tattoo

It was a long journey to love for Ben Higgins. Bachelor Nation fans first met him when he was a contestant on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette. He ended up in third place but got a second chance at love as The Bachelor.

He proposed to Lauren Bushnell during the season finale but the two split a year or so later. Ben still wasn’t done looking for love in the franchise, joining Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. He didn’t find love there either but found it a more unlikely place: social media.

He began dating Jess Clarke in 2019 and proposed in 2020. But this time, he saw the engagement through to the wedding. The couple married a year later.

Jess Clarke and Ben Higgins/Credit: Jess Clarke Instagram
Jess Clarke and Ben Higgins/Credit: Jess Clarke Instagram

Ben Higgins and Jess Clarke will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in November, but she isn’t waiting to show her love for her husband.

She took to her Instagram to share a photo of a meaningful tattoo she got. She etched the shape of a bean on her finger next to her wedding ring. According to, she also shared the tattoo on her IG Story.

What does the tattoo mean? She explained, “I got a bean tattoo for my bean (Ben) and I love it so much.”

Credit: Jess Clarke Instagram
Credit: Jess Clarke Instagram

Ben Higgins may have a wholesome image, but he also has a tattoo. According to Bustle, he has a bible verse tattooed on his rib cage. The initial tattoo had a mistake, so he went back to get add a cross to cover the error.

Ben Higgins Cuts Loose At Nick Viall’s Wedding

Ben Higgins remains one of the most popular alums from the franchise. He’s also still close friends with many other Bachelor Nation stars. He attended Nick Viall’s wedding to Natalie Joy last month.

Joe Amabile shared a video of the Bachelor star letting loose on the dance floor. “My dancing always looks better in person I promise,” Ben joked in the comments.

The married reality star attended the event solo. One person asked Jess Clarke why she never accompanies Ben Higgins to events. Another fan chimed in, “I believe she said before that owning her own business makes that a bit difficult to schedule around.”

What do you think of Jess Clarke’s bean tattoo? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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