Tammy Slaton & Meghan Crumpler Join Unexpected Forces

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters and Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends from TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Worlds collided this week! Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters and Meghan Crumpler of 1000-Lb Best Friends joined forces to create an entertaining live stream for fans.

Meghan routinely hosts livestreams while Tammy is an avid TikTok user. So what exactly happened when the women joined forces? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Tammy Slaton Crashes Meghan Crumpler’s Live Stream

1000-Lb Best Friends fans know that Meghan Crumpler loves hosting livestreams. But it isn’t every day that a fellow TLC star drops into her chat.

Midstream, Meghan noticed Tammy Slaton appear in the chat log. She wasn’t quite sure it was the real Tammy at first, so Meghan invited her to join the video. To everyone’s surprise, the real Tammy Slaton’s face appeared on the screen seconds later.

Meghan Crumpler and Tammy Slaton on a livestream, sourced from Facebook
Meghan Crumpler/Facebook

“I used to watch you back on the day when you were on YouTube,” Meghan gushed. She added that Tammy and Amy were major inspirations to her when she was in a dark place.

“I used to watch y’all on YouTube. I never commented, I just watched,” the 1000-Lb Best Friends star shared. “Y’all inspired me because when you’re at that size, a woman like I am, you look for people you can relate to … you know what I mean? You and your sister did that for me and I’m forever grateful.”

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters from TLC, Sourced from YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

Tammy nodded her head in agreement, fully understanding Meghan. When 1000-Lb Sisters kicked off, many viewers weren’t sure Tammy Slaton would ever achieve her goals and qualify for bariatric surgery. However, Meghan asserts she was always in Tammy’s corner, cheering her on.

Are The Women Still Pursuing Health & Wellness?

The women also discussed their bariatric procedures. However, Meghan shared that she isn’t allowed to tell specifics due to her TLC contract. All she was allowed to say that she wasn’t gaining weight, which is great news. On the most recent episode of 1000-Lb Best Friends, Dr. Procter scolded Meghan for her lack of progress.

Meanwhile, most fans think Tammy Slaton will qualify for skin removal surgery soon. It’s just a matter of time now.

Surprisingly enough, the livestream lasted for more than six hours. Without a doubt, it contained quite a bit of entertaining content for TLC fans who can’t wait for both shows to come back with new episodes.

Curious to see the full live stream for yourself? Check it out here:

Did you tune into any part of Meghan Crumpler and Tammy Slaton’s live stream? What did you think of the women’s conversation? Are you excited to see 1000-Lb Sisters and 1000-Lb Best Friends come out with new episodes on TLC? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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