Harry Jowsey & Rylee Arnold Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold from DWTS, Instagram

Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey and professional dancer Rylee Arnold no longer follow each other on Instagram.

This news comes after Harry made the shocking revelation he’s living with skin cancer. Rylee supported Harry when he shared the news about his cancer, but it seems like things have since soured between them.

What exactly happened?

Harry Jowsey & Rylee Arnold Stop Following Each Other Online

The Dancing With The Stars tour reunion dinner happened last night. Some fans can’t help but think something happened between Harry and Rylee for them to officially stop following each other.

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold from DWTS, Instagram
Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

“HE UNFOLLOWED RYLEE,” one Reddit user shared online. Some users wrote that Rylee unfollowed Harry and then later readded him. As of May 2, it does not appear Rylee follows him any longer.

“In my opinion this kinda confirms to me that she initiated calling off whatever was going on between them – flirtatious friends or more,” another Redditor replied. They went on to say that the Coachella drama could have fueled it all. “I think his podcast is a result of an extremely bruised ego. Hurt people hurt people. And I think the response to everything is extremely humiliating for him and instead of manning up he’s just digging himself deeper. So now he’s unfollowing her like a baby. Because he didn’t get what he needed from her (or it looks like any of the pros) tonight.”

DWTS Season 32 cast and crew from the tour's Instagram page
Dancing With The Stars Tour/Instagram

Other Reddit users echoed similar sentiments.

“He can’t handle seeing the little blonde girl thriving without him🤣 and all while he continues to spiral on the internet lmao,” another Redditor shared, quoting Harry’s first impression of Rylee as he shared on his podcast.

The Truth Comes Out On Boyfriend Material 

Harry Jowsey’s new podcast Boyfriend Material just launched — and it doesn’t necessarily paint his connection with Rylee Arnold in the best light.

He confirms that he and Rylee were never romantically involved, but he describes her in an incredibly demeaning way.

“There are producers everywhere, and no one is saying a word and I look across from me and there’s this cute little blonde girl called Rylee,” Harry recalled about meeting her for the first time. “I had no f—g idea who this lady was because her first year as a pro and she didn’t come up in my extensive research. Right as I’m out to walk out of the room and call my manager, Rylee walks after me with this beaming beautiful smile on her face and introduces herself as my partner.”

What’s your take on the ongoing drama between Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold? Share your thoughts and own ideas in the comments.

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