Harry Jowsey Roasts ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 Castmates

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Too Hot To Handle Season 1 star Harry Jowsey is no stranger to rule breaks. But he also entertained his fans by poking fun at the latest Too Hot To Handle castmates.

If you haven’t finished Too Hot To Handle Season 3 yet, proceed with caution. There will definitely be some spoilers featured in this article.

Harry Jowsey lost a lot of prize money too, but Season 3 had the worst offenders

On each season of Too Hot To Handle, there are a few people who don’t seem interested in following the rules. In Season 1, that was definitely Harry Jowsey and his former flame, Francesca Farago. The couple cost the group a lot of money out of the prize fund during their season, but that was nothing compared to the antics on Season 3.

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This is why Harry had no problem roasting the Season 3 castmates for their numerous rule breaks.

The Netflix star posted a funny video to his Instagram reels with the caption, “The prize fund when the season 3 cast of THTH arrives.” He did a little dance and then vanished, poking fun at how quickly the Season 3 cast members blew the money.

“Y’all are magicians, making the prize fund disappear,” he wrote.

Harry Jowsey/Instagram

If you managed to watch the entirety of Season 3, you probably got a chuckle out of this. Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan were by far the biggest rule breakers this year, but they definitely weren’t the only ones.

At one point in Season 3, Lana pretended to go offline to see what the castmates would do. And several of them had no problem running wild when they thought Lana wasn’t watching. Nathan and Holly even broke the biggest rule of the resort — engaging in intercourse.

All the Season 3 chaos had some fans believing that the contestants this year were the most toxic ones yet. But hopefully, they will learn and grow like some of their predecessors.

Where is the Season 1 star these days?

Harry Jowsey developed a pretty naughty reputation during his time on Too Hot To Handle Season 1. But it seems like he might have learned a few things on the resort and is growing up a little.

He hasn’t been romantically linked to Francesca Farago for some time. But in December, we reported that he did indeed have a new girlfriend.

Her name is Sveta Bilyalova and she’s a Russian Instagram influencer. The pair had a great time visiting Dubai together and it seems like things might be pretty serious.

Are you excited to see where the Too Hot To Handle stars go from here? Be sure to keep following us online for the latest reality TV news. We will be here to keep you filled in.

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