Harry Jowsey Shares Truth On Relationship With Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold from her Instagram

From the moment Netflix star Harry Jowsey met dancer Rylee Arnold on the set of Dancing With The Stars, viewers believed it was a match made in heaven.

Harry and Rylee appeared to have impeccable chemistry on stage and behind the scenes too. The pair frequently made silly TikToks backstage and spent a lot of time together when they weren’t in the rehearsal room.

During the show and for months after the season ended, fans speculated they were a hot item. Nevertheless, neither Harry nor Rylee would confirm or deny the rumors.

Now, Harry Jowsey decided to shed some light on the relationship rumors. Read on and see what he had to say.

Harry Jowsey Clears The Air On His Relationship With Rylee

Since making his public debut on Too Hot To Handle Season 1, Harry Jowsey has established himself as a wild womanizer. He’s dated several other women in the public eye, including his costar Francesca Farago.

But could Rylee Arnold finally tame his wild heart?

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold from her Instagram
Rylee Arnold/Instagram

Harry recently launched a new podcast, Boyfriend Material.  Before the premiere episode, he teased on social media that he would finally spill the beans on his relationship with Rylee.

So what actually happened between the two?

According to Harry, he and Rylee Arnold are not in a romantic relationship and they never were. While many DWTS fans hoped they would date, many others suspected it was nothing more than a showmance.

“I’m sorry if this answer breaks some hearts. I’m here to confirm once and for all, Rylee and I have never been in any type of relationship,” Harry said. “We never leaned into it. We never put on any sort of act. It was just organic. What you saw was how it was. It was amazing love, an amazing friendship and an amazing bond we had together.” 

The Netflix Star Actually Had A Secret Girlfriend During DWTS

Most of Harry Jowsey’s dating life has been in the public eye. But during his run on Dancing With The Stars, he claims he had a secret girlfriend. Sadly, the rumors about his relationship with Rylee put a damper on that romance.

More than likely, the secret girlfriend was Jessica Vestal, whom Harry met on the set of Perfect Match. In Boyfriend Material, he claimed he wanted to propose to Jessica, but their relationship sadly did not work out.

TikToker realityroast does an excellent job of breaking it all down:

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Were you surprised to learn that Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold were never dating? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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