Georgia Hassarati Comments On Cringey ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Moment

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There was no shortage of cringe-worthy moments on Too Hot To Handle Season 3. From the moment several men stepped into the villa, they knew they had to win the heart of the Australian model, Georgia Hassarati. Many tried and failed. And that included attempting some pretty awkward moves.

But what did Georgia have to say about the moment her costar Patrick Mullen serenaded her?

Keep in mind this article will contain spoilers from Too Hot To Handle Season 3. Continue reading at your own risk!

Georgia Hassarati receives a special song from one of her suitors

Patrick is a Too Hot To Handle contestant from Hawaii. He loves making women feel special by bringing them flowers and even writing them songs on occasion. At one point during the season, he decided to write a short little song for Georgia.

However, fans didn’t love it. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you can do that here:

But Georgia had the time to sit down with Cosmopolitan UK to dish about the situation.

“That was the best moment of my life!” she told the publication. Even if it was uncomfortable to watch, it doesn’t appear that Georgia was off-put by the move.

“That’s the best moment of the whole season for me,” Georgia continued. “He’s the best person on earth. He’s so unique. It’s like a serious moment for him and I was trying really hard to be serious, but the ‘ball’s blue’ part, I was like… I can’t! I can’t be serious.”

But after watching that clip, it probably won’t surprise fans to know that Georgia and Patrick did not end up together. Patrick ended up leaving the show before the season finished out. Georgia went on to flirt and mingle with other men. She appeared to make a brief connection with newcomer Gerrie Labuschagne, but they soon fizzled out.

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Georgia ultimately ended up coming in third place behind runner-up Nathan Soan. Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson tied for first after they proved they could build a strong romantic connection based on a friendship.

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Too Hot To Handle brings the pressure this season

It’s never easy filming a reality TV show, but Too Hot To Handle was almost too much for a few contestants. Jaz Holloway and Holly Scarfone revealed they considered quitting the show mid-filming.

Jaz Holloway ended up getting eliminated mid-season due to her lack of growth. However, Holly managed to grow, thrive, and have a fruitful journey during her time on the show.

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