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Which ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Stars Almost Quit While Filming?

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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 is definitely full of drama. Have you had a chance to binge the entire season yet? If not, log onto Netflix and do that as soon as possible! You won’t want to miss out on a single section of the drama and chaos.

In fact, things were so intense this season that a few cast members actually considered quitting in the middle of filming. Was it worth it in the end? Read on to find out.

Keep in mind that the following article will contain Season 3 spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Too Hot To Handle was almost too much for some castmates

Digital Spy reports that Holly Scarfone and Jaz Holloway almost departed Too Hot To Handle partway through filming. Holly made it to the end of the season, but Jaz was eliminated earlier on.

“I’ve had a few [moments],” Holly confided in Digital Spy. “You have to keep watching but I feel like I had a really like incredible journey with like a lot of highs and also a lot of lows. And there were some times where I felt so fulfilled in my heart, and then other times where I felt like I was just broken down to the core.”

“And I mean, that’s just also the beauty of the show, right?” she continued. “Like it’s all about vulnerability as well. So I’m, I’m sure if you watch, you’ll see those moments, it’s very raw, I feel like.”

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“It’s hard,” Jaz echoed her Too Hot To Handle costar’s feelings. “Like you’re away from your family, you’re in a new place around all these different people. You know, I have personally never been around before so it was just like, a unique experience. So I feel like it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t want to go home at some point, but it’s really good.”

Did Holly and Nathan continue their relationship after the season ended?

Holly Scarfone had a hard time keeping her hands off her costar, Nathan Soan. But are the two still together? We don’t know anything for certain, but Holly did share a TikTok video that included Nathan. If Holly and Nathan aren’t a couple, it appears that the two are at least on good terms.

Distance is going to make things complicated for the couple, but fans really hope they can make it work.

After the season is out for a bit longer, we’ll probably know more about the fate of Too Hot To Handle Season 3 couples. For now, keep following TV Shows Ace online and stay tuned for the latest reality TV news. We’ll do our best to keep you filled in.

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