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‘Too Hot To Handle’: Are Nathan Soan & Holly Scarfone Still A Couple?

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So many hookups happened on Too Hot To Handle this season. Left and right, we saw hot singles fall in love, fight, and more. But now that Season 3 is out on Netflix, Too Hot To Handle fans have questions.

Which couples are together and which ones aren’t? Whatever happened to Nathan and Holly? Keep reading to find out what we know. Just be aware that spoilers definitely do lie ahead!

Are any Too Hot To Handle Season 3 couples still together?

When Too Hot To Handle Season 3 drew to a close, we saw many couples that seemed strong. Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson won, but unfortunately, we don’t know if they are still together.

So what about Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone then?

If you tuned into Too Hot To Handle this season, you know that Nathan and Holly were big-time rule breakers. It didn’t matter what Lana did — the two really just couldn’t seem to stay off of each other. And unfortunately, it really ended up hurting the group overall.

Holly Scarfone/Instagram


Nathan and Holly’s antics ended up costing $195,000 out of a $200,000 prize fund. That’s quite a lot of rule-breaking. They managed to redeem themselves and earn back some of the money, but the majority of the damage was already done.

They left the show together, but are they still in love? Both Nathan and Holly are relatively quiet on Instagram right now regarding their relationship status. However, Holly did share a TikTok video including Nathan.

Nathan Soan/Instagram

If the two aren’t together any longer, it seems like they’re at least on friendly terms with one another. Keep in mind though that Too Hot To Handle Season 3 just came out, so they might have to keep their relationship a secret for a while longer. In time, they might be allowed to post about their romantic relationships more on social media.

You’ll just have to stay tuned for more information on this Too Hot To Handle couple and more.

Could they make the distance work?

If Holly and Nathan are no longer together, distance is likely the culprit. Nathan lives in South Africa and Holly lives in Colorado. This wouldn’t be the first time that distance split up a powerful Too Hot To Handle couple. Remember Harry and Francesca, anyone?

However, Nathan did say early in the season he has no problem traveling all over the world to see women. If he truly loves Holly, it’s entirely possible that the couple is trying their best to make the relationship work out.

Do you hope that Holly and Nathan are still together? Keep following us on TV Shows Ace to get the latest Too Hot To Handle news and more. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.

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