‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ How’s Ashely Sutton Paying For Dr Procter?

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1000-Lb Best Friends cast member, Ashley Sutton has become a fan favorite. Now that the second season is here, she has gotten a lot of praise for staying on track with losing weight. Her friends are all trying to do it together and have sought the help of Dr. Charles Proctor. Dr. Proctor is a gastric specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. He has helped so many of his patients get to their ideal weights and get their lives back on track. Ashley wants to be one of these success stories.

Ashley Sutton’s Weight Loss Journey

When Ashley and her friends decided to go on this weight loss journey together, they knew that they would need help. Luckily, they have the help of Dr. Charles Proctor. There have been a lot of questions coming up about how expensive this process is. Any type of weight loss surgery isn’t cheap and fans have started to notice that the best friends aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. Many questions have come up about Ashley and how she can afford to have this procedure done.

Fans love to watch Ashley on the show, but she recently lost her job and also, her health insurance. In order for her to go through with all of Dr. Proctor’s appointments and surgery, she will have to pay out of pocket. Many Redditors brought it up and now they are thinking about just how she is paying. There were many fans of the show that mentioned that TLC will pay for their weight loss surgery, but others disagreed. Also, it came out that the cast of the show makes about $1,500 to $3,000 per episode. Could this be the money that is paying for her surgery?

Ashley Sutton- TLC
Ashley Sutton- TLC

Additionally, there were Redditors who made it a point to say, “Medicaid paid for my gastric sleeve. I had to attend six months of classes and see a dietician, get cleared with a therapist, and a heart doctor. I had to show I was willing to work to get the weight off and show I knew it wasn’t just an easy fix like most people think.”

What’s Next For The Best Friends?

TLC has gotten some great reviews of 1000-Lb Best Friends. Fans of the show love watching all four of their journeys, but there has been some critique about some of them. However, Ashley Sutton has been one of the friends to really push herself to get to her ideal weight. Fans enjoy watching her push her friends to stay focused and try to work off those pounds. These fans have high hopes for Ashley.

Dr. Proctor- TLC
Dr. Proctor- TLC

How do you think Ashley is paying for her surgery and time with Dr. Proctor? She may have lost her job, but there are other ways for her to pay for this surgery. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay with Tv Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Best Friends.

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