‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Airs Tonight: Get To Know The Women

1000-Lb Best Friends from TLC

1000-Lb Sisters is done for the season, but don’t worry — you can still enjoy a brand new show that follows the same plotline as the show. Tonight, kick back and enjoy the women of 1000-Lb Best Friends. Meghan, Vanessa, Ashely, and Tina are hoping to lose weight through the power of friendship, encouragement, and healthier eating habits.

1000-Lb Best Friends is taking over 1000-Lb Sisters‘ time slot. Tune in at 10 PM eastern time on TLC to catch the first episode.

Who are the women of 1000-Lb Best Friends?

Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler are the stars of 1000-Lb Best Friends. But their good friends Ashely and Tina will also be a focal point of the series.

And if the women look a little familiar, there’s a reason why. We first saw Meghan and Vanessa when they were on Too Large with the famous bariatric surgeon, Charles Proctor.

Vanessa Cross/TLC

While on Too Large, Meghan qualified for weight loss surgery, but Vanessa didn’t quite meet the goal. However, fans fell head over heels in love with the women and their larger-than-life personalities. It wasn’t a huge surprise that TLC gave them their own show.

Lately though, Meghan describes having trouble with her weight loss journey.

Meghan Crumpler/TLC

Keep in mind that bariatric surgery doesn’t just make a person lose weight. The patient also has to be willing to make meaningful lifestyle changes that help keep the weight off. If they don’t follow the guidelines, they could easily end up gaining weight again.

Hopefully tonight, we’ll see both Meghan and Vanessa make the changes necessary to get their health on the right track.

Vanessa opens up about her desire to lose weight in an interview

We don’t know much about Ashely and Tina yet. Hopefully, we will get to know them a little better tonight.

But Vanessa Cross did get very raw in a recent interview with Us Weekly ahead of the premiere. She was once married to a very wonderful man who never cared what size she was. But unfortunately, Vanessa reveals he passed away. And that’s what began her downward spiral.

“That’s what turned me from where I [was at] 350 pounds throughout my entire life — but when he passed away in 2016, my life spiraled out of control. I gained probably at least 100 pounds [and] actually at my biggest I was 500 pounds,” she admitted“I got up to 500 pounds and then by 2018 is when I got back down to 300 pounds. But losing my husband was the worst thing of my life because I never knew that kind of pain existed.”

Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the 1000-Lb Best Friends premiere episode. We can’t wait to see what you think of Meghan, Vanessa, Ashely, Tina, and all the other cast members.

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