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‘1000-Lb Bestfriends’ Meghan Cries Dr Proctor Has No Compassion

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Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends is on her weight loss journey, but there have been a few fallbacks. In fact, there have been a handful of fans that think she is jealous of her friends. One of her friends, Vannessa Cross has lost a lot of weight and is getting her weight back in order. Fans feel that Meghan is jealous of how much Vannessa has progressed since last season. Meghan feels like there is so much pressure on her right now and with wedding planning, she may have reached her breaking point.

Checking In With Dr. Proctor

For fans of the show, they have watched as Meghan works with Dr. Proctor. Dr. Proctor is an Atlanta-based gastric surgeon who has helped many people attain their weight loss goals. Meghan and her friends work with him as they continue on their weight loss journey. Meghan, however, was really nervous to go back for her routine check-up. Why was she nervous? Meghan feels as if she has hit a wall with losing weight. She has been planning her wedding and stress is eating her up. Not only that, her weight loss journey has taken a back seat to other life events. Meghan is terrified that Dr. Proctor will be angry with her progress, or lack thereof.

Dr. Proctor- TLC
Dr. Proctor- TLC

As much as Dr. Proctor wants to help her, Meghan knows that she will get an earful because of how she has pushed her weight loss to the side for a bit. As Meghan and her best friend, Tina Arnold left his office, she was in tears. She felt as if he was rude to her and it triggered her. She just wanted him to be more compassionate about how she has not lost the weight she needs to. In fact, in the clip from the newest episode, viewers can see just how she reacted to Dr. Proctor.

Fans React To Meghan’s Outburst

Although Meghan has talked to her fans about some of the hardships in her life and losing those close to her, she has also been reflecting on her weight loss journey. After seeing this clip, many of her fans aren’t sure that she is trying to lose weight after all. One fan commented, “Meghan is such a crybaby who always plays the victim. Get it together, girl!” Another chimed in, “Oh I knew it! The huge tantrum and walk-off purely for the show, drama. After that full-on child tantrum, no way she would ever go back in there. I don’t like these scripted tantrums.” Yet another fan added, “This Meghan needs counseling something awful. All he did was tell her the truth to make her aware of how she has failed his surgery. She needs to work on her mind first while following his orders.”

Meghan Crumpler & Tina Arnold- TLC
Meghan Crumpler & Tina Arnold- TLC

What do you think of the way that Meghan acted? Do you think Dr. Proctor isn’t compassionate enough? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Get your 1000-Lb Best Friends updates here at Tv Shows Ace.


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