Tori Spelling Not Rich Enough To Be A ‘Housewife’?

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Was Tori Spelling not rich enough to be a Real Housewife on Bravo? She has long struggled financially so has that held her back from more reality opportunities? The actress, author, and mother of five recently opened up about why she feels she was not cast. Keep reading for more details.

Tori Spelling Not Rich Enough To Be A Housewife?

At the present time, Tori Spelling is finally getting her life back on track. She has moved into a very nice rental which costs around $15K/month. This comes after moving out of her mold-infested home to a motel with her five children. She then took them to an RV as she was beginning her split from her husband, Dean McDermott. It was alleged that her mother, Candy Spelling offered to help her out at the time but she had declined. There was speculation that she did not want to appear that she had much when she finally filed for divorce.

Tori Spelling/YouTube
Tori Spelling-YouTube

Now, she has a new podcast, misSPELLING where she spills the tea on all things in her life. She is telling deeply personal stories including why she got divorced and what the final straw was. Additionally, she shared her health issues and now, she is chatting RHOBH. According to Us Weekly, Tori shared she is constantly asked why she is not a cast member on the hit Bravo reality series, entering its fourteenth season. It has had celebrities on it such as Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna so why not Tori?

She believes it is because she is broke. Tori Spelling never got an answer from producer Andy Cohen but she had this to say:

“I was like, ‘So, Andy, what’s the answer.’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t know, you and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I just, I can’t see it.’”

Now, keep in mind, she does know the entire cast of the show. So much so, she shared she has a history with them. Spelling went on to add:

“Wasn’t I, like, the OG Beverly Hills? I don’t understand. What I really want to say to him — and I’m a little passive-aggressive — so I’m like, ‘Ha, all the fans ask, Andy, I don’t know, whatever, that’s fine.’ What I wanted to say is, ‘Uh, is it because I’m broke? Let’s be real.’”


Admittedly, Tori Spelling’s name has been attached to RHOBH for years and she has been asked if she will be joining the series. She has always said no but maintained that she is friends with the ladies as well as a fan of the show. All of that together might make her perfect for a “friend of” role. Crystal Kung Minkoff just exited after three seasons and Kyle Richards is a wild card after being an OG. So, there is room for her but Andy Cohen does not see it, apparently.

What do you think of Tori Spelling on RHOBH? Do you think she would make a fun addition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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