Tori Spelling Says She’s A Hoarder, Struggles With Her Finances

Tori Spelling has revealed some rough moments from her life on her misSPELLING podcast. According to the former Beverly Hills 90210 actress, she is a “hoarder,” which causes problems as she struggles with finances. According to the actress, she was never taught how to function in the real world. It is causing problems now.

Here is what Spelling had to say and what is happening in her life right now.

Tori Spelling Admits To Being A Hoarder

In the misSPELLING podcast on Thursday, Tori Spelling said that she is a “hoarder” and that was made very evident when she had to get some help with some storage units she had rented. Tori, 50, is going through a divorce from her husband Dean McDermott, and then found herself displaced from her home.

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It wasn’t the divorce that caused Tori to leave her home, but a case of mold. According to Spelling, the mold was so bad that she couldn’t breathe right in her home. She had to get an Airbnb and suddenly realized she could breathe again. “I can breathe because I don’t have all my s–t falling on top of me,” she said.

She moved all her stuff into storage units, which caused another problem. She doesn’t have the money to pay for the units and almost had everything she owned auctioned off until someone helped save her. When a locksmith let her into one of her storage units, Tori saw everything there and said she was a hoarder. She then joked that she tells people, “I’m not a hoarder. I’m a collector.”

Tori said she kept everything from her kids’ memories and her 18-year marriage. However, this had to stop after she escaped the home and moved into the Airbnb to escape the mold. Tori then admitted that she needs to do better for her kids. “I would like to clean up my life for my kids because they deserve better,” she said.

Tori Spelling Struggling With Money

Tori Spelling needed help getting her storage units back or she would lose all her belongings. She has things in there from her kids’ childhoods. She has five kids – Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7 – all with Dean McDermott. When discussing her money problems, Tori admitted that she doesn’t know how to save money.

“I wasn’t taught how to function in the real world and I’m doing the best I can,” Tori said. She is the daughter of late television producer Aaron Spelling, who created Beverly Hills 90210. Tori said she didn’t even learn to write a check until she was in her 40s.

She also said that her former co-stars from 90210 were making investments, buying properties, and more. The actress said she didn’t do anything and had no one guiding her in her younger years. As a result, she has no savings, investments, or anything to help her now that things have gotten tough.

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  1. Tori Spelling is a real trooper—I mean beautiful, smart, rich, rich in more ways than money wise!

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