‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Demand Respect For Nathalia

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Seeking Sister Wife fans are demanding respect for Nathalia Lima from Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield. They do not feel that her potential husband and sister wife treat her the way that she deserves. So, what makes them say that? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Demand Respect For Nathalia

Nathalia Lima is the potential sister wife for the Merrifields in Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. They lost their first potential sister wife, Roberta, after two seasons and it broke their hearts. Dannielle and Garrick Merrifileld had put so much time, effort, and money into that relationship. Additionally, the couple had gotten a divorce so that Garrick could marry Roberta, helping her come to America. Finally, Garrick and Roberta were trying to conceive so it was a gut punch when she decided to stay in Brazil. Now, they have Nathalia, a law student, also from Brazil but Dannielle does not feel a sisterly connection to her.

Nathalia Lima-Instagram
Nathalia Lima-Instagram

Garrick has since left for Brazil so he and Nathalia can tie the knot but while he has been away, Dannielle learned she was pregnant. She flew to Brazil for the wedding which may never happen since Garrick is a polygamist. Now, with two months of Season 5 having aired, fans are expressing their disdain with how the Merrifields treat Nathalia and have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts. The OP wrote this:

  • Why do ick and Danni talk to Nathalia like she’s an idiot? They talk up to her? And don’t form full sentences? And they also don’t bother at all to speak her language.

This is a valid point given she is not the first Brazilian woman that they have had the intention of marrying and making a life with. So, what did fellow Seeking Sister Wife fans have to say?

  • I really feel like they think people who speak other languages aren’t as smart as them.
  • Nathalia is playing these two dip sticks
  • Because they are idiots themselves.
  • That weird accent Dannielle uses when talking to Nathalie too
  • Umm….she’s dating him so…..

It’s All On Them

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans hoped that Nathalia Lima was just running game on the Merrifields. Maybe she wanted a paycheck to finish paying for her degree or something of that nature. It was also noted that this same thing happens on fellow TLC series 90 Day Fiance. Many times a translator app is needed for couples to communicate. One Redditor did point out that Nathalia seems to know English well enough to respond to Dannielle and Garrick. Yet, they proceed to speak to her in small, fractured sentences.

Do you think that Garrick and Dannielle are disrespectful toward Nathalia? Or, is she just riding out the season for screentime and cash? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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