‘90 Day Fiance’ Scott Wern Hoping To Win Fitness Competition

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90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel alum Scott Wern is hoping to win a fitness competition. He has a story that tugs at heartstrings as long as fans and followers take the time to read it. So, who is the real Scott? Keep reading for more details.

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern Hoping To Win Fitness Competition

Viewers who watched 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise may have seen Scott Wern working out. He seemed very invested in his body and physical well-being which may have been a draw for Lidia Morel. Even when he made a few appearances on The Family Chantel, he was spotted in the gym. There is no doubt that he has an incredible body and is fine with showing off his hard work. That being said, he now has a chance to put it on display, win a title, and $20K. So, what exactly is this competition that he is entered into?

Scott Wern/90 Day Fiance/Facebook
Scott Wern-Facebook

According to Scott’s Facebook, he wants to be Mr. Health and Fitness 2024. Fans can vote for him and he shares his story that has brought him to where he is today. He was asked a handful of questions as to why he is so passionate about fitness. Scott responded with this:

  • Since I was 13 and saw Rocky 3 and saw the transformation of Sylvester Stallone from the movies:) now at 53 after my stroke if you take care of your body , the body takes care of you

Furthermore, he was asked what his “favorite” way to stay in shape is. That is a loaded question for someone who is as into staying in shape as Scott is:

  • 12 hr fast , high protein low carb and 2 cheat meals a week . Bodies are made in the kitchen not the gym

Finally, what would Scott Wern do with the prize of $20K?

  • After my stroke I had to declare bankruptcy and sold my home and I’m a travel respiratory therapist . I have a camper a travel in and would pay it off

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Based on the answers that he gave, a deeper insight is given into the former reality star. Scott Wern seems to have to know what he wants from his life and how he is going to achieve it. He has made fitness his lifeline and in many ways, it has saved him. So, if he can take the prize money to aid in his life further, that is an amazing thing. Scott’s followers were very excited and supportive of this venture:

  • Hope you win, good luck!!
  • Very sexy
  • Definitely

He also received a lot of “YES” and muscle GIFS so the last thing people can do is vote when it opens on May 6th. Do you think he has what it takes? Let us know and do not forget to send your support by voting, even just once.

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