Tori Spelling Dropped Weight With Popular Drug

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Actress, author, and podcaster Tori Spelling recently revealed that she dropped her baby weight by using a popular drug. She has been called out for looking too thin in the past. Now, the mother of five is detailing how she lost weight postpartum. Keep reading for more details.

Tori Spelling Dropped Weight With Popular Drug

So much has come out on Tori Spelling’s new podcast, misSPELLING. She explained the final straw in her marriage to Dean McDermott and how free she felt when it was over. Additionally, she shared why she was recently hospitalized. Tori admits that she has a form of self-sabotage but her kids have bore witness to things maybe they shouldn’t have. Her daughter, Stella was the first child to see Dean’s social media announcement about their split. She was also there when Tori fainted twice and rode in the ambulance with her mother.

Tori Spelling/YouTube
Tori Spelling-YouTube

Now, Tori is opening up about another part of her life and that is postpartum weight loss. She has had five children with Dean and the first four did not impact her body much. According to People, Tori spoke about this on the April 16th episode of her podcast. She shared she was able to lose weight pretty easily after Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn. Spelling attributes this to her parents and their genes. However, after she delivered Beau in 2017, rebounding was not so easy.

“I couldn’t lose the weight. At my heaviest, I was 120 lbs. my entire life. And after Beau, I was 160 lbs. I couldn’t lose the weight and the doctor was like, ‘Well, it’s an age thing.'”

Tori Spelling felt this way as she had her last child when she was 44. Admittedly, she tried whatever she could with no results though she is not active and despises water. Regardless, she tried, and finally, her doctor had a solution:

“She put me simultaneously with the hormones on Mounjaro. I’m no longer on it but I did lose weight and I haven’t been on it since the end of January.”


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For Tori, she feels that she can openly talk about taking the weight loss drug because it has become so trendy:

“I did Mounjaro and everyone admits it now. It’s a different time so I don’t feel shamed saying that.”

Health Issues

Over the last few years, Tori Spelling has been hospitalized for different health issues. She has blamed mold in her home and dehydration but never mentioned Mounjaro as part of her daily life. Despite taking the Diabetes medication to help her lose weight, followers have not applauded her gaunt look:

  • I just don’t understand why people thinks she beautiful! She looks like a chain smoker and a big time drinker
  • Turned into Janice the muppet
  • Way too thin. Girl eat
  • Tooo thin

Though some did say she looked beautiful, it was clear there was some concern for how thin she had gotten. Hopefully, she does take care of her health not just for herself but for her children. Do you think she is too thin or does she look great? More so, are you shocked she turned to a weight loss drug? Let us know in the comments below.

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