Tori Spelling Hospitalized, What Happened?

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Once again, Tori Spelling has been hospitalized, shortly after she filed for divorce from her husband, Dean McDermott. It seemed like her life was on a positive turn as she and her mother, Candy Spelling had reconciled. Plus, her life was much more stable so what happened to the actress, author, and podcaster? Keep reading for more details.

Tori Spelling Hospitalized, What Happened?

For a period of time, Tori Spelling and her children were in and out of hospitals. It was worrisome as they seemed to be constantly ill. Then, the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress revealed that her home had a serious mold problem. This was deemed to be the root of their health issues so they vacated it for motel living and then she and her five children started to live in an RV. Around the same time, her marriage to Dean McDermott came to a screeching halt. He did not come with her and the children. Eventually, she did end up finding a rental and it appeared that she was getting her life back together.

Tori Spelling/Instagram
Tori Spelling-Instagram

Dean admitted that he had substance abuse issues and found a new love. Tori began dating again, as well, and even launched a new podcast, MisSPELLING. Finally, she officially filed for divorce from Dean while utilizing her podcast to explain why they officially ended it. Now, according to ET, Tori found herself in the hospital once again but what happened? More so, is she okay? In the latest episode of her podcast, she opened up about fainting twice in a short period of time.


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This was clearly very scary for the former reality star:

“This is the second time in months that I’ve fainted. The first time I fainted was in August. I most likely was dehydrated because I hate water. I don’t drink water. It’s a problem. I fell straight backwards, hit my head, knocked out. And that’s how I remember just coming to and my daughter, Stella, was screaming.”

Back in August 2023, Tori Spelling was filming a mystery project when she was hospitalized and no one was quite sure why. That time, she was in the hospital for three days and, now, just three days ago, it all happened again.

Second Time Around

Tori Spelling went on to explain what happened when she fell the second time and it was the complete reverse scenario:

“This time I fell forward. I split my chin open. My poor daughter, Stella, she’s just really nervous that I’m going to pass out again… her worst nightmare happened because she heard a thunk upstairs and it was me this time.”

At that point, Tori was convinced she had broken her jaw so she alerted her daughter that she needed to go to the hospital. It was so late that no one was available, including Dean McDermott so the panic set in. Plus, Tori’s blood pressure dropped to 77. An ambulance came and Stella went with her mom which was to her benefit because the driver recognized the actress and had some interesting non-health-related questions:

“Ambulance driver said, ‘Hey, I know who you are. You’re that star. Hey, do you have an intel on P. Diddy?’ And she goes, ‘Mom, you were about to answer!’ The funny thing is I don’t have any intel. I don’t know what I was about to say.”

Ultimately, she walked away with six stitches and a pretty gruesome story from her daughter. In the end, she knows what she needs to do to avoid this but admits her lack of water is “self-sabotage.”

Are you shocked that Tori is not taking better care of herself to prevent another incident? More so, is it fair that her daughter has to witness this? Finally, how unprofessional was the ambulance driver to ask such questions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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