Tori Spelling & Kids Living In RV Amid Split?

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Are Tori Spelling and her children living in an RV amid the split from her husband, Dean McDermott? It is really unclear where Tori and Dean stand when it comes to their marriage. More so, their living situation is a little murky. So, what is going on with Tori, the couple’s five children, and an RV? Read on for more details.

Tori Spelling & Kids Living In RV Amid Split?

About a month and a half ago, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott announced that they were ending their marriage. Yet, as quickly as the announcement went up on social media, it came down. No one knew why or if it was an impulse post. Yes, the couple had been struggling for a long time. Dean had cheated on Tori a handful of years into their marriage. They tried to recover but it never seemed to properly work. Even though they claimed that they were happy, Dean was always out of the country working and even missing from a holiday card.

Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling-YouTube
Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling-YouTube

So, when the news broke that he and Tori Spelling were over, it made so much sense. Then, it was very confusing as Tori and their children appeared to move into a hotel. However, it was maintained that this had nothing to do with their split. Their home has a chronic mold problem so this was the safest bet. The “couple” was apparently doing really well but with the whole mold issue and the family always sick, Tori knew she need to do what was best for her family. Thus, they went to a motel.

Now, according to Page Six, Tori and her kids may have relocated to an RV. They are at a campground and seem to be enjoying relaxing outside with the views. The reason for this move is the same as the motel. It is still not safe with the mold situation at their home. Therefore, Tori Spelling went with alternate options and her kids have been pretty cooperative by the looks of things.

How Long Will They Be There?

It is unclear how long they will be in the RV but Tori Spelling has said that the mold was slowly killing her family. They appear to have all of the amenities in the RV for now so it will likely be a waiting game. Hopefully, this gets resolved sooner rather than later as they have school approaching and have already had enough instability in their lives.

Do you think this RV is a good idea or is is time for a more permanent option? Let us know in the comments below.

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