‘MAFS’ Fans ID The Producer Who Got Fired Hanging With Austin?

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Married At First Sight Season 17 was one for the books. There was a ton of drama that unfolded and not one single couple wound up staying married at the end of it. One of the more scandalous things to happen was when Becca Haley called out her husband, Austin Reed, for meeting up with a member of the production staff one night. Now, MAFS fans think that they’ve identified the producer. Continue reading to see what the sleuths have uncovered.

MAFS Reunion Avoids Talk About The Producer

Austin Reed’s friendship with one of the MAFS producers was the absolute last straw for Becca Haley. When she confronted him about meeting up with the producer, he tried to deny it at first. However, one of their fellow cast members said that she saw them out together.

That’s when Austin confessed that he had gone out the night before. He maintained that he just run into the producer while he was at the bar. The MAFS star claimed that he didn’t go out to meet her.

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After Becca Haley called him out about it, the Married At First Sight producer was allegedly fired. There was no mention of the producer during Part 1 of the reunion, and fans aren’t hopeful that the issue will be addressed in Part 2.

Fans Think They Found The Producer In Question

It seems like internet sleuths may have already uncovered the identity of the producer who was fraternizing with Austin after hours though.

Following the airing of the reunion episode, many people took to Instagram to discuss what happened, plus what they wanted to see in Part 2. While plenty of drama unfolded during Part 1 of the MAFS reunion, there were still many fans wondering who Austin Reed met up with.

“I still wanna see the producer who Austin was getting with,” one fan wrote. “Right I NEED that dot connected,” a second fan agreed. Another person commented, sharing a LinkedIn profile of the person they believed it to be.

Another MAFS fan replied, “Looked her up, she’s very pretty. Interestingly, she was a Senior Field Producer for Lifetime.”

The LinkedIn profile linked in the comments is for a woman named Constance Atton. In her bio, she shares that she is a “trilingual television producer with both field and post-experience. A travel enthusiast who loves meeting new people and highlighting their stories.”

What seems to connect Constance to the incident with Austin the most is her work history. Not only is she tied to Married At First Sight, but she specifically worked on Season 17. She also lives in the Denver area.

An Instagram account with the same name also has been followed by MAFS Season 17 star Michael Shiakallis and Dr. Pia Holec. Right now, there is still no solid proof that this is the woman who was fired from the show though.

Part 2 of the MAFS reunion airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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