‘MAFS’ Kevin Frazier Blasts Season 17 Cast For ‘BS’ They Pulled

Married at First Sight: Kevin Frazier

Married at First Sight fans have been calling out Season 17 in Denver as the worst season in franchise history. In light of the recent scandal that broke, in which Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr openly conspired to deceive production, even reunion host Kevin Frazier has had enough. So, what did he have to say?

Married at First Sight: Fans Have Slammed Denver Season

From the beginning of Married at First Sight Season 17 in Denver, viewers have been slamming the cast. The more seasons of the show that Lifetime churns out, the farther away they get from the show’s initial premise, and what drew viewers to watch it in the first place.

The way most Married at First Sight fans feel, the show has lost its authenticity. It used to be that one season would come out per year. There were also fewer couples in each season, which gave viewers a better opportunity to connect with the couples.

These days, with roughly two seasons a year, and up to five couples per season, it’s obvious to fans that the network has opted to pump out more seasons and more content rather than focus on quality, something that made the franchise popular in the first place.

Married at First Sight: Brennan - Shoykhet - Michael Shiakallis
Married at First Sight: Brennan – Shoykhet – Michael Shiakallis

MAFS: Franchise Rocked By Recent Controversy

Married at First Sight fans have already been calling out the show for coming across as fake, particularly over the last few seasons. So, the latest tea consisting of text messages allegedly between Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr openly conspiring to game the system has had a ripple effect through the entire franchise.

Previously, Married at First Sight cast members like Jamie Otis have called out the Denver cast for essentially faking it for the cameras. So, actual text messages showing some shady plotting going on behind the scenes completely undermine what the Married at First Sight experiment stands for.

According to host Kevin Frazier, he recently had a lot to say, including that the Married at First Sight experts are completely “embarrassed” by everything that the recently leaked text messages and more from the reunion brought to light. This includes cast members spilling the tea about their plans to dupe producers.

There is clearly a divide between the experts and the cast members. For experts like Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who has been there from the beginning, it’s understandable why none of this is sitting well with her.


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Married At First Sight: Host Kevin Frazier Slams Denver Cast

It turns out, Married at First Sight fans and former cast members aren’t the only ones who have some negative things to say about the Denver season and cast. In fact, reunion host Kevin Frazier recently tore into the most recent cast, and, he had plenty to say.

Defending the Married at First Sight experts and the franchise as a whole, Kevin Frazier said: “Experts hate the madness and the dissension. They are truly embarrassed by some of the behavior. They really really really want things to work and HATE these divorces. That’s the real truth. They were pissed by some of the bs the couples pulled.”

After everything that went down with the Denver cast, between the current scandal and no successful marriages in the most recent season, many fans agree that a major overhaul has to take place, including stricter background checks and a more in-depth vetting process to keep scammers away, and instead, give the opportunity to people who genuinely want to find their forever person.

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