‘MAFS’ Reunion Shows Tense Moment Between Emily & Brennan

MAFS Emily Balch - YouTube/Lifetime

It is clear that Married At First Sight exes Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet are still having a hard time reconciling over what went wrong in their marriage. During the MAFS reunion, the pair had several tense moments where accusations were hurled. Continue reading to see what Emily and Brennan had to say about the demise of their relationship and moving forward.

MAFS Reunion Shows Emily & Brennan Hashing Things Out

The MAFS Season 17 reunion shows all of the couples coming face-to-face for the first time since the show wrapped filming. As fans know, none of the couples wound up staying together. It has been labeled one of the most disappointing seasons in the series.

Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet were one of the couples featured in Season 17. As their story unfolded, it became clear that they had a toxic relationship. Their reunion proved to be one of the more dramatic moments as the series wrapped.

MAFS Emily Balch - YouTube/Lifetime

Host Kevin Frazier spoke to Emily and Brennan about why their marriage ultimately ended. Brennan attempted to explain their couple’s therapy session with Dr. Pia Holec.

“I was way too concerned with how it would make Emily feel,” he said in relation to the sit-down with Dr. Pia. However, Emily seemed to remember things differently. She said that Brennan was only concerned with how sharing his feelings would impact him.

“I told you a million times, ‘I’m a big girl.’ You’d say the meanest things and I’d be like, ‘Great,’” she stated. “You saying something mean is actually progress for us.”

Season 17 Had Many Firsts For Emily & Brennan

“So, that was actually my first time in therapy. Where I felt the conversation as going, we already had resolved,” Brennan revealed during the reunion. “[I] didn’t know that you didn’t feel that way. In my head, it was like a free therapy session [and] let’s take advantage of this and actually focus on the problems we needed to address. So, I do apologize for the scene with Dr. Pia.”

He then continued, stating that he was not trying to control the situation and that he “misread the situation.” But Emily wasn’t having any of it. The MAFS alum didn’t hesitate to call him out on what she considered to be lies.

“I hope you can generally see you were controlling. I don’t want you to say you were controlling if you don’t mean it,” she said. “I hope you can actually look at that and see the control. What you did there hurts more than you saying hurtful things.”

Emily, who had never been in a relationship prior to marrying Brennan on the show, said that he took every chance he had to manipulate the situation in his favor. In the end, Brennan attempts to apologize for his behavior during the reunion, but Emily doesn’t seem to be interested in listening to it.

The MAFS season 17 reunion will air on Lifetime on Wednesday, April 10, at 8 p.m. EST.

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