‘Yellowstone’ Cole Hauser Reveals ‘Scariest’ Thing About Rip Wheeler

Cole Hauser

Yellowstone introduced actor Cole Hauser to an entirely new audience with his iconic portrayal of bad boy Rip Wheeler. Recently, Hauser dished on the scariest thing about the Dutton family enforcer. So, what did he have to say?

Yellowstone: Cole Hauser Struck Gold With Iconic Role

Cole Hauser was by no means a newcomer to the industry when he landed the role of Rip Wheeler on Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone. He was an industry veteran with numerous film credits. However, Hauser was introduced to an entirely new audience with his portrayal of Rip.

Cole Hauser’s portrayal of bad boy Rip Wheeler is so convincing that this is the only role many fans think of when the actor comes up. This was by no means a make-or-break role for him, as he was already a successful actor. However, this role elevated him to another level, and he is certainly enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Yellowstone Pictured: Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler Photo Credit: Emerson Miller for Paramount
Yellowstone Pictured: Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler Photo Credit: Emerson Miller for Paramount

Yellowstone Actor Reveals The Scariest Thing About Rip Wheeler

On-screen, Cole Hauser in full Rip Wheeler garb strikes quite the intimidating figure. As the Dutton family muscle, Hauser brings the necessary grit to the character who is never afraid to get his hands dirty. Recently, Hauser dished on what he feels is the scariest thing about his character, and it’s not what viewers might expect.

On the surface, viewers might think it’s Rip’s capacity for incredible levels of violence that makes him an imposing presence. However, according to the man who plays him, that’s not the most terrifying thing about his character.

Hauser said recently that the scariest thing about Rip Wheeler is that he is “like normal people,” adding that Rip is “just that kind of animal.”

Cole Hauser
Cole Hauser/YouTube

Cole Hauser Surprised By Rip’s Popularity With Fans

It turns out, Rip Wheeler’s popularity with fans came as both a surprise to Cole Hauser and show creator Taylor Sheridan. It seems, the darker they make Wheeler’s character, the more fans love him. Clearly, it has worked out well for both Hauser and Sheridan, but, it was a twist that neither of them expected.

Hauser said: “At first, to see women coming up and saying, ‘Oh my God, I love your character.’ I was thinking, ‘What’s wrong with you?'”

The more time has gone on, and the more time he spent playing the fan-favorite Yellowstone character, Cole Hauser realized that fans really do resonate with the tortured antihero character. This is especially true when that character also has a good heart deep down, which Rip Wheeler does.

Speaking of his character, Hauser said: “I see the bad boy kind of thing that they love.”

Yellowstone is a smash hit with fans, and Cole Hauser’s layered portrayal of Rip Wheeler is a huge part of that success.

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