‘MAFS’ Proof Cameron & Clare Scammed Fans, See Receipts

Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer - Clare Kerr

Married at First Sight fans agree that the last few seasons in particular have been sketchier than usual. Based on recent tea making the rounds, receipts allegedly show that Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr conspired to scam fans and milk their storyline for more airtime. So, what do the receipts show?

Married At First Sight: Season 17 In Denver Was A Dumpster Fire

Married at First Sight fans agree that Season 17 in Denver is the worst season of the franchise so far. That’s saying a lot. Especially when you consider that the popular matchmaking show has been on the air more than ten years.

Things in Denver were bad from start to finish. Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr really got things off to a poor start when they threw in the towel well before Decision Day. Many fans agree that this set the tone for what would become a terrible season, with no couples choosing to stay together.

Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer - Clare Kerr
Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer – Clare Kerr

MAFS: Cameron Frazer And Clare Kerr Called It Quits Early

It’s one thing to make it all the way to Decision Day on Married at First Sight and then decide to call it quits as a couple. This is what’s typically expected, as it gives both people the right amount of time to really give the marriage experiment a fair shot.

For Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr, they didn’t even make it that far in Married at First Sight Season 17 scenes. Cameron and Clare both decided to go their separate ways just 31 days after tying the knot and making it official. This set the stage for what would become an awful season, with no couples staying in it for the long haul.

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis - Chloe Brown
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis – Chloe Brown

Married At First Sight: Proof That Clare And Cameron Conspired To Scam Fans?

Naturally, many Married at First Sight fans blamed the experts for more bad matchmaking. However, based on recent receipts making the rounds, it looks like there was something far more shady in play.

Recently leaked texts making the rounds online, allegedly between Cameron and Clare, show them openly strategizing among themselves to maximize their airtime and to have the biggest impact in terms of storyline. Fans and cast members have all said how much the show seems fake nowadays, and this proves it, if true.

One of the leaked exchanges is as follows:

  • Cameron Frazer (allegedly): “Yep, plan A begins this weekend.”
  • Clare Kerr (allegedly): “So what’s your plan?”
  • Cameron (allegedly): “We start talking about kids on camera and our disagreements. The moment the move in check comes, we sight irreconcilable differences and leave. Thoughts? There will be filming if we want the other checks. But they won’t fill 5 days a week.”


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Not surprisingly, Married at First Sight fans are livid. It’s exactly people like this who undermine the entire experiment, and viewers are not having it.

  • One Married at First Sight fan said: “So in essence they all just waisted everyones time & took up space for people who really wanted the opportunity.”
  • Another viewer chimed in, saying: “They should have canceled this season when it went to sh**. These couples didn’t deserve air time or to get paid.”

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