‘MAFS’ Cameron’s Ex GF Breaks Silence Amid Scandal

Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer

Married at First Sight cast members Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr are in the middle of a major scandal after leaked texts allegedly show the pair plotting and gaming the system. Recently, Cameron’s ex spoke out and broke her silence. So, what did she have to say?

Married At First Sight: Cameron Frazer And Clare Kerr Called It Quits Early

Married at First Sight pair Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr called it quits early during their time in Denver for Season 17. The pair didn’t even make it through the entire MAFS experiment before calling it quits. This set the tone for what a dumpster fire the Denver season would be.

The Married at First Sight pair had absolutely no chemistry early. They even got into an argument over luggage. So, it wasn’t a major surprise when these two didn’t work out. The surprise factor for many was how quickly these two threw in the towel, quitting early and not even making it through the entire marriage experiment.

Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer - Clare Kerr
Married at First Sight: Cameron Frazer – Clare Kerr

MAFS: Leaked Texts Allegedly Show Cameron And Clare Gaming The System

Recently, alleged leaked texts between Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr caused quite a stir within the MAFS community. Over the last few seasons in particular, Married at First Sight fans have called out the show for being fake, and not as genuine as it once was.

So, these alleged leaked texts from Cameron and Clare aren’t a good look for the franchise. The Lifetime show touts the way they run background checks and vet potential cast members. However, it’s clear that some scammers are slipping through the cracks, and taking the spots of people who are genuinely looking for their forever match. Not surprisingly, fans are not happy.


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Married At First Sight: Cameron’s Ex Speaks Out, What Did She Say?

Someone claiming to be Cameron Frazer’s ex-girlfriend recently spoke out online. According to her, she has tried to speak on his behavior, but, he even sent her a “phony cease and desist email.” She even had her own lawyer confirm that the cease and desist that Cameron sent her was fake.

According to Cameron’s alleged ex, she went on to say that she completely understands what Clare Kerr went through when dealing with Cameron in Married at First Sight scenes. The way this ex paints the picture, Cameron has a pattern of shady behavior with women. So much so that she previously urged him to “stop traumatizing women.”


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Another area where Married At First Sight viewers place blame is on the MAFS experts for failing to spot someone like Cameron early and exclude him from the cast. Of course, potential cast members are often on their best behavior when going through the casting process. However, someone like Cameron Frazer slipping through the cracks and making it on the air is a prime example that the screening process needs some tightening up.

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