‘MAFS’ Austin Called Out For Having An Affair With Producer

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Married At First Sight cast member Austin Reed was called out by Becca Haley. The pair decided not to continue their marriage on Decision Day, but the choice to not move forward was due to a lot more than just incompatibility. Becca accused Austin of having a relationship with one of the show’s female producers. Keep reading to see how the drama unfolded at the MAFS Afterparty.

Drama Behind The Scenes With MAFS Cast Members

Viewers have been disappointed in Season 17 of Married At First Sight. Many of the couples haven’t seemed like good matches and there hasn’t been a lot of drama that has played out in front of the cameras. However, that may be because a lot has happened behind the scenes.

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An altercation between Becca Haley and Austin Reed unfolded during a group meetup to talk about everyone’s experience on Decision Day. Becca and Austin were one of the few couples fans were holding out hope for this season. In the end, they chose to go their separate ways, despite staying together onDecision Day. Most people chalked this up to not being compatible with each other.

Becca revealed that there was more to their separation than just that though. Apparently, Austin was having a relationship with someone else on the MAFS set. More specifically, he was entertaining one of the female producers on the show.

The Married At First Sight cast member shared with the other ladies that Austin had spent the night hanging out with one of the show’s producers. Her identity was not revealed, but it is known that she has been let go from the show due to her inappropriate relationship with Austin.

Fans Question Becca’s Motive Behind Calling Austin Out

She was pressured to discuss her decision to out Austin for his actions at the MAFS Afterparty. Becca says that she did this so that she would have support from the other girls.

“I wanted the girls to be there since they saw him out to call him out,” explained Becca. “Because I knew that if we were in private he would have lied to me. Then I wouldn’t have been able to have proof that he was out otherwise.”

Just as suspected, Austin tried to deny that he was out with the producer at all. However, Clare Kerr confirmed that she saw him out with the woman and a few of his friends. Eventually, he fessed up to having run into her at the bar, but Becca wasn’t buying that they met up by chance. Her trust was broken.

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Fans are questioning whether or not Becca should have called Austin out in front of everyone. Some viewers think that the conversation should have been kept private.

“Her confronting him in the group setting was intended to humiliate him. Period. It was cruel and immature,” one fan commented on MAFS clip. Another back Becca’s decision writing, “Austin lied, period. She confronted him in the people who saw him out so he couldn’t continue to lie and gaslight her.”

What do you think of Becca’s decision to confront Austin about meeting up with the female producer? Let us know in the comments.

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