Lifetime’s ‘The Bad Orphan’ Will Star ‘Breaking Bad’ Alum Betsy Brandt

Betsy Brandt Lifetime - YouTube

Breaking Bad alum Betsy Brandt is starring and executive producing an upcoming Lifetime movie called The Bad Orphan. In addition, this is Chloe Coco Chapman’s television debut.

This movie promises to be hair-raising. The psychological terror may remind loyal viewers of The Bad Seed franchise.

What is this new chiller about?

What Is Lifetime’s The Bad Orphan About?

Lifetime has a new thriller that starts Breaking Bad alum, Betsy Brandt. This is called The Bad Orphan. What has the network revealed? According to Deadline, this is the story of a couple, Jessica and Karl. They have one daughter named Rhiannon.

While they should be happy with their cozy family, they still have a dream. What they want is a second child. This would make their lives complete.

Betsy Brandt Lifetime - YouTube
Betsy Brandt Lifetime – YouTube

Soon, they go the adoption route. They have found an 8-year-old orphan named Gabby. Although Gabby was “born with personal challenges,” the family knows that they could give her a great l life and future.

However, the dream of the perfect family of four is quickly evaporating. At first, no one noticed that things were odd. There was blame cast at each other, but not at Gabby. Moreover, Gabby seemed to be an innocent bystander in all of these personal disasters.

Soon, they learn that Gabby is not who she presents herself to be. She is troubled and she soon is caught wanting to cause harm to others. Finally, “the family begins to believe things aren’t what they seem.”

But, how can they protect themselves? Most of all, can they remove Gabby from getting anyone else harmed? Once they let this bad orphan out of the orphanage, it is tough to get her back there. This will take everything this family can muster to save themselves.

When Will The Bad Orphan Premiere On Lifetime?

Currently, Lifetime has not announced a premiere date. However, The Bad Orphan starring Betsy Brandt, Chloe Coco Chapman, Mark Taylor, and Eve Edwards will be part of the network’s summer schedule.

Currently, this movie is in production.

Is This Betsy Brandt Movie Ripped From The Headlines?

Lifetime’s Ripped From The Headlines franchise is huge.  Is The Bad Orphan part of this hit series of movies? Could this cautionary tale be based on a true story?

No, The Bad Orphan is not a true crime movie. Instead, the network labels this as a “psychological drama.” Doris Egan wrote this script. Egan has previously written for many shows including The Good Doctor, and Reign. Her last Lifetime movie was Dirty Little Secret starring Melissa Joan Hart.

Lifetime fans, are you ready to see Betsy Brandt in the psychological thriller The Bad Orphan this summer on the network?

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