Peacock’s ‘The Real Housewives Of The North Pole’ Stars Kyle Richards, Betsy Brandt

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Peacock is filming their very first-holiday movie and it stars Kyle Richards (The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Halloween Kills), and Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad, The Unicorn). Moreover, this movie is directed by the incomparable Ron Oliver. It should be fabulous! This looks like the ultimate holiday movie for those who may not normally indulge in the genre.

What is it all about?

The Real Housewives Of The North Pole Headed To Peacock For Christmas

Peacock is now venturing into the holiday movie realm. They are currently filming The Real Housewives Of The North Pole. This is the first Christmas movie for the streaming service, and it stars two very well-known actresses, Kyle Richards and Betsy Brandt.

Moreover, Peacock  chose one of the best directors in the holiday genre, Ron Oliver. Sir Ronald, as the knighted director is officially called, is well known in Hallmark Christmas movie circles. He has directed Hall of Fame movies like The Christmas Train. In addition, he has directed Christmas At The Plaza, A Timeless Christmas, and Angel Of Christmas.

Oliver loves film history. His directorial work is very stylized. Expect stylized, campy fun. Ron Oliver movies stand out because they are visually beautiful and full of personality. Oliver is a Christmas movie fan favorite.

In addition, Ron Oliver is a screenwriter. He is one of the co-writers of the upcoming Lindsay Lohan still-untitled, Netflix Christmas movie. However, he did not write this movie. Instead, the trio of Tippi Dobrofsky, Neal Dobrofsky, and Spyder Dobrofsky will write and executive produce this Peacock holiday movie.

What Is The Kyle Richards And Betsy Brandt Christmas Movie About?

How about a little more information: What is The Real Housewives Of The North Pole about? According to Bravo, Trish (Kyle Richards) and Diana (Betsy Brandt) are good friends, who, for the last nine years, won the Best Holiday Decorating competition. This gave them the apt nickname “The Christmas Queens of North Pole, Vermont.”

However, a battle of words, right before the Christmas holidays has put the two at odds with each other. Moreover, now the town is divided between Team Trish and Team Diana. This story is so tantalizing, a national magazine writer has decided to make a career move. They have written a daring expose entitled, “Real Housewives Of The North Pole.”

Will this adversity help repair Trish and Diana’s relationship?

The Real Housewives Of The North Pole Has Already Started Filming

When are they planning on starting to film this new Peacock Christmas movie? According to The Real Housewives Of The North Pole director’s Instagram page, they are already shooting the movie in Utah.

According to Ron Oliver’s post, it sounds like Wednesday was going to be a late night. “Sir Ronald’s latest epic continues filming today with a 5:30 pm call time; his fearless cast and crew will be up all night! #directorsguildofamerica #makingmovies #filmutah #nbcuniversal #peacock #makingchristmasmovies.

What Does Twitter Have To Say About The Real Housewives Of The North Pole?

Peacock is launching its first-holiday movie with The Real Housewives Of The North Pole. What is Twitter’s reaction? Very positive it seems. One fan tweeted, “I am so looking forward to watching the movie.” Another wrote, ” I got excited when I saw the title, “Real Housewives of the North Pole” but how much do I wish this was really about Mrs. Claus and all her ho ho hos?” 

Peacock’s The Real Housewives Of The North Pole will premiere sometime during the holiday season of 2021. Will you be watching?

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