‘WCTH’: Chris McNally Reveals More About Lucas And Jeanette

WCTH Photo: Chris McNally, Cecilia Deacon Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

The most recent WCTH Season 11 episode entitled “Along Came A Spider” aired on Sunday. In this episode, Jeanette Aucoin (Cecilia Deacon) came into Hope Valley and wove quite a web. Her presence got a lot of the local men a bit flustered and even caused a mild rift with the Coulters.

Jeanette is a character that is akin to Lucas Bouchard’s past, and Chris McNally has a lot to say about her. What did the actor reveal about this mysterious woman, and what role does she play in Lucas’s journey?

WCTH Photo: Chris McNally, Cecilia Deacon, Erin Krakow Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs
WCTH Photo: Chris McNally, Cecilia Deacon, Erin Krakow Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

WCTH Star Chris McNally Reveals Whether Lucas Trusts Jeanette Aucoin

On Sunday, Hearties finally met the mysterious Jeanette Aucoin. She is the French-speaking mystery woman from Lucas Bouchard’s past. Now that she has been on WCTH, what should viewers think of her?

On Sunday, in the TV Insider When Calls The Heart after show, Heart Beats, Chris shared some insights into Jeanette. The first answering whether or not Lucas trusts Jeanette. He was also asked if Lucas felt uncomfortable around Jeanette because he knew what she was like, or because she represents his past. Chris thoughtfully gave Hearties their answer.

I think it’s definitely both. Lucas knows Jeanette well and does not trust her and I don’t think he fully believes her reasoning for being in Hope Valley. There’s definitely the fact that he is reminded of the life he used to lead in the past, and he’s made great efforts to change his ways and has made quite a bit of progress. And so this blast from the past is inconvenient at best for him.

Jeanette’s arrival is certainly an opportunity for Lucas to assess his progress, as he continues on his journey. But, it seems that he wants the past to stay there. It seems that he is ready to move forward.

Will Lucas Be Pursuing Elizabeth In When Calls The Heart Season 11?

Another big part of the recent WCTH episode is a conversation that Lucas had with Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry). The new governor stated that he only wants to see Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) happy.

Will Lucas pursue Elizabeth? Chris McNally revealed that although Lucas would like to be more than friends with Elizabeth, “he always puts feelings first, and her happiness is the most important thing to him.” But, McNally admits that this is “tough” for Lucas. He still burns a torch for Elizabeth.

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