James Kennedy Credits Ally For Making Him ‘Better Man’

James Kennedy, Ally Lewber-Instagram

James Kennedy is crediting his girlfriend, Ally Lewber with making him a “better man.” The Vanderpump Rules star and DJ has been a hit throughout Season 11. Now he is opening up as to what has changed him so much and why he has evolved. Keep reading for more details.

James Kennedy Credits Ally For Making Him ‘Better Man’

For many seasons of Vanderpump Rules, James Kennedy was insufferable. Viewers got their first glimpse of the busboy-turned-DJ at the Season 2 SUR photo shoot. Then, he became a staple the following season when he started dating Kristen Doute. He was supposed to move in with Tom Sandoval but ended up dating his ex-girlfriend instead. Kennedy had a very combative attitude when he would drink and often got into it with Jax Taylor and some of the ladies of the show. He even gave attitude to Lisa Vanderpump who always stood by his side no matter what.

James Kennedy-Instagram
James Kennedy-Instagram

It was not until Season 9 that he began connecting with the cast. Sandoval helped him plan a lavish proposal to his then-girlfriend, Rachel Leviss. They parted ways at the end of the season and then, in Season 10, he introduced Ally Lewber. James really became a fan favorite at that season’s reunion after it came out that Leviss and Sandoval had been having an affair. The betrayal he felt came out in a very comical way and viewers ate it up. Now, in Season 11, he has become the overall voice of reason and it is amazing to see how he has evolved. In an interview with E!, he shared that it all has to do with Ally.


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They were at Coachella where he was DJing, a longtime dream of his. James Kennedy had no qualms in saying Ally Lewber has helped to make him a “better man.” When it was noted that he had become the “voice of reason” for the show, he also attributed that to Ally. Moreover, he explained that the guys were not stepping up on Vanderpump, so he did what had to be done. In many ways, he has become a girl’s guy.

Mending Fences

For quite some time, James Kennedy and some of his female co-stars could not be in the same room. Katie Maloney had threatened to quit SUR over James’ body shaming her. Now, the two support one another and have become fun friends. Ally Lewber has also blended very well with the ladies of the show. James added that she is his “rock” and keeps him on the straight and narrow, minding his manners. They push each other to be better and bring out the best in one another with James concluding that they are a “match made in heaven.”

It is clear to see that he has found his perfect partner who really adores him but knows how to handle him. What do you think of their romance? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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