Did James Kennedy And Ally Lewber Get Into A Physical Fight?

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Ally Lewber recently spoke out on Scheana Shay’s podcast about an alleged physical altercation between her and James Kennedy. Ally and James have been dating for two years. The relationship sparked after James Kennedy and Rachel Leviss called off their engagement. However, there is a rumored physical fight that broke out between James and Ally after an awards show two years ago.

James Kennedy Got Sober

James Kennedy has been sober. His girlfriend Ally Lewber is proud of his journey and thinks he is a better version of himself without alcohol. The two seem to be in a happy relationship and do better without alcohol. However, the alleged fight happened while James was still drinking. Ally spoke out about how they both acted when drunk.

“We would fight when we would drink. I would drink and pick [fights]. When you drink that much and in those environments, it is not great. That’s not who we really are. That’s an example of why he shouldn’t drink.”

Fans know that alcohol truly affects how you act and that could have played a big role in their arguments.


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Ally Lewber Reveals The Truth

Ally Lewber revealed the truth behind the rumor on Scheana Shay’s podcast.

“That never happened. There was no physical altercation, yes, we were in the car together. I thought we were having fun. We were having fun. But then James and I did get into an argument, but there was no physical assault,”

It seems as though she is confused about why the rumor was even started.

“I was not bleeding, and they [Mellencamp and Judge] didn’t have to get out of the car and separate us. So that didn’t happen. That’s all I’ll say on that. He was still drinking. Yeah, we were all drunk in the back of that car. Yeah, that’s true. But nothing happened physically,”

Ally also let listeners know that she does not know how to handle rumors like that. She was unsure if she should have posted about it or let it be, but now she is clearing the air for everyone to know the truth.


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It seems as though the two have never been physical with each other. Costars and fans commend the two for noticing their drinking problems and stopping to better themselves and their relationship. James has been known to be a drama starter when he drinks, but he has been sober and plans on staying that way. Why would that rumor have been started if it wasn’t true? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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