Tom Sandoval Claims House Is A Mess Because Of Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix-YouTube

Tom Sandoval claims that Ariana Madix makes the house a mess. The two have been living in the same house after their split because neither of them can agree on who will get the house. Tom thinks Ariana is doing it out of spite and should move out and take the settlement. However, Ariana does not think it is fair that Tom gets the house when it is all of her furniture and decor.

Tom Sandoval Slams Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval slammed Ariana Madix. 

“Ariana doesn’t do a God d**n f**king thing in that house. I don’t even know how her a** gets wiped that girl is so f**king God d**n lazy. It gets f**king annoying to have her talk s**t about me being a certain way like when she is the laziest f**king person.”

He then dissed her in a confessional.

 “Ariana’s really busy like she has a lot of things in the works. I think they’re flying to the moon the day after she meets the Pope.”

Tom just seems to be jealous of the opportunities Ariana has been getting since the affair became public. She recently got the job of being the new Love Island host.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Fans Give Their Opinions

Fans do not agree with Tom Sandoval at all.

  • “They’re going hard on each other. It’s kinda hard to watch.”
  • “This is the dude they are trying this redemption arc with and wondering why people aren’t buying it…..he is why,”
  • “This show is becoming obnoxious. The jealousy from the entire cast minus one or two is crazy.”
  • “Isn’t this the same dude that has his ‘assistant’ cleaning up after him and his filthy friends?”
  • “He’s so green with envy. Sandoval is taking this tack because Ariana is so busy and he’s got nothing. Dude is telling on himself.”
  • “Eh Bravo. Try as you might to paint Sandoval as pure as his white nails is not working. The man is whining like a teen girl with cramps,”

People think Tom is full of himself and needs to take more responsibility for what he did. 

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval
Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

It seems that fans do not agree with Tom Sandoval. No one will be on his side again after what he did. Lisa Vanderpump seems to be the only person who feels bad for Tom. There is a lot of arguing that goes on anytime Tom and Ariana speak. The two cannot get along regardless of what the conversation is about. What do you think about what Tom said? Sound off in the comments below.

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