‘RHOBH’ Crystal Kung Minkoff Victim Of Home Invasion

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RHOBH cast member Crystal Kung Minkoff is the latest star of the show to be the victim of a home invasion. She recently shared the terrifying details of what happened and where she was when it occurred. Keep reading for all of the information.

RHOBH Crystal Kung Minkoff Victim Of Home Invasion

Over the years, there have been few notable home invasions on the RHOBH. Right after Kyle Richards moved into her new home several seasons back, it was burglarized. All of her most valued possessions were taken including items that her late mother had left her. This was devastating because there were handbags and jewelry she had been collecting that were never retrieved. The most notable home invasion happened in Season 12 to Dorit Kemsley. She was held at gunpoint when her husband, PK was out of town.

RHOBH Season 13-Bravo
RHOBH Season 13-Bravo

Her children, Phoenix and Jagger were asleep in another room while she begged for her life. The robbers did leave her cell phone behind and much of it was caught on tape. Yet, they were never found and Dorit was left with PTSD that has impacted her marriage. She was robbed again after that while she was shopping and now, her co-star, Crystal Kung Minkoff is a victim. According to Us Weekly, she appeared on Jeff Lewis Live on Friday, April 12th. It was there that she shared her experience of being robbed.

Per Crystal: “I posted [I was out of town] and they tried to break in and my housesitters, my friends, had to deal with it face-to-face.” Luckily, everyone was okay but this must’ve been horrifying for those who were there in the home. The RHOBH star added:

“They got into the house and were face-to-face with my friend and they ran away. It was my girlfriend so she was very shaken up. She FaceTimed me and I think was very freaked out. I just felt so bad. It just reminded me that we need to step it up even more. Every time we hear a story, we step it up and [now] we’re going to go full on.”

They did get over her gate despite the home being completely gated. However, that is all changing very soon.

“I’m fully [gated], but we’re going heavy duty this week. [The intruders] figured out [how to get in], which is no longer going to be available.”

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Admittedly, Crystal Kung Minkoff and her family do have more security. Yet, at the time that this occurred, it was not implemented. The reason for this was they had people in their home therefore it was as if they were home. So, it did not seem necessary. Now, Crystal and her husband, Rob Minkoff are going all in to keep their family and friends safe, no matter what they have to do. This may be a subject for Season 14 of RHOBH.

Are you shocked with how high profile their house is that this happened? More so, does it surprise you that they did not have all measures enforced? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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