Mama June Custody Hearing Postponed, Fans Choose Sides

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The custody hearing between Mama June Shannon and Michael Cardwell has been postponed and fans are continuing to choose sides. This is to determine where Anna Cardwell’s eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, should reside. So, when has it been moved to? Keep reading for all of the details.

Mama June Custody Hearing Postponed, Fans Choose Sides

When Anna Cardwell passed away, her two daughters, Kylee and Kaitlyn were left behind. She had been married to Michael Cardwell and together, they had Kylee. Therefore, it was automatic that she would go live with her dad in the event of Anna’s death. As for Kaitlyn, she had also been raised by Michael and he still took care of her after he and Anna divorced. Yet, no set plan had been made for her which was brought up in this past season of Family Crisis.

Michael Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn-Facebook
Michael Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn-Facebook

Mama June and Anna’s sister, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird wanted her to think about her children and make a plan. She did not want to think that far ahead or deal with her mortality in any capacity. Once she passed, Kaitlyn was left with June and fans did not feel that was the right situation. Michael Cardwell ended up filing for custody of Kaitlyn and the court date was set for April 16th but it has since been changed.

Court date was changed
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According to a Reddit thread, paperwork was obtained sharing the date had been changed. It is now set for April 19th, signed on the 11th. So, what was the reaction from followers? Many hoped that Michael would gain custody from Mama June:

  • I hope to god Michael wins, June will Just exploit the he** out of poor Kaitlyn who’s already going through it with her mothers passing.
  • Mann… he’s gonna drag June 😭
  • Is Kaitlyn his step-daughter? The sisters should stay together. It’s enough that they lost their mama. June is not mama nor gramma material whatsoever.

The biggest question was why the delay happened in the first place. Then, some wondered if Kaitlyn could decide on her own

Why The Delay?

One Redditor shared the reason for the delay:

  • June ‘s lawyer cancelled the date because a prior personal obligation The 19th is just a status conference for both attorneys to agree on a new court date.

Along with that, some wondered if Kaitlyn could decide if she wanted to live with Mama June or Michael Cardwell. A follower shared that she would have some input but they added it made no sense how she could end up with two people who had records. Hopefully, she will get to have her say privately and end up in the best place possible.

Where do you think Kaitlyn should live? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. I no pumpkin is rising her 4 kids maybe she should get her look how well she did with Alana.i think she should get her but if anything what aboutJessica she could adopt her and still be a aunt/ mom.

  1. Ms. Shannon should not be considered for caring for any person. The 2 girls need to be kept together. I would first look to the youngest child’s father. The only reason Shannon wants the child is to get money. She hasn’t had contact with the children until the cancer diagnosis. The only thing that Shannon cares about is herself and money. For the last 13 years, Shannon has taken all money’s earned by the children, except for the $10000 that was required in the California child laws. I would not be surprised if Shannon was found to be collecting disability payments throughout the entire time and presently. I would like to see the courts take any and all money that Shannon has or comes to her, be taken and given to Alana for the years it takes to give Alana a total of $260,000. After that point, she should be required to pay each daughter $200 monthly for theft, pain, and suffering, until her passing or the year 2075. Whatever Shannon is earning per television episode, should be garnished to Alana. Blessings to those girls today and always.

    1. I agree with you. Mama June endangered the welfare of Pumpkin and Alana along with her grandkids when she was on the run with then boyfriend Geno Doak doing drugs. So how is she fit to be a grandparent when she wasn’t fit to be a mother to her own kids. Did she not give up her parental rights with Alana? Mama June has a monetary motive to have Kaitlyn in her custody. Please let Michael be her permanent guardian, PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. If June wins custody, she’ll have another child from which to exploit and steal money, as she did w Alana. That’s why she wants her.

  3. dear Lord don’t let Mama June during another person’s life she’s done that with all her kids she should never have been allowed to raise them that child should be with her sister and the man that raised her

  4. The best thing for the child is to remain with her sister and stepfather and live a normal healthy life. The last thing she needs is to live with June or Pumpkin who gladly sell their souls in the name of “fame”. They are an attention hungry, loud mouthed, obnoxious, media hungry group. Not only that, the child would be sure to adopt the same unhealthy, gluttonous eating habits every one of them has and become obese and unhealthy.

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