Did Mama June Pay For Justin’s Back Child Support & New Teeth?

Mama June-YouTube

Did Mama June Shannon pay for her husband, Justin Stroud’s back child support along with new teeth? Fans are wondering about this as he owed $10K back in 2022. So, what happened, and did help him out while stealing from her daughter? Keep reading for more details.

Did Mama June Pay For Justin’s Back Child Support & New Teeth?

When Mama June Shannon first brought Justin Stroud onto the show, he had no teeth so she made sure to get him a full set. The two went to a doctor for June as she wanted to get a revision for her weight loss surgery. That did not happen as she needed to learn how to have better eating habits since the surgery was not meant to be a quick fix. Then, June took Justin to the dentist to get a full set of teeth. They also had a lavish vow renewal in Florida surrounded by family and friends.

Mama June, Justin Stroud-YouTube
Mama June, Justin Stroud-YouTube

During this time, it came out that Justin owed $10K in back child support. Most people had no idea he even had children. Recently, it came out that June had stolen money from her daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. Now, fans have started a Reddit thread wondering if she also paid off Justin’s back child support and got him new teeth. The OP wrote this:

  • I might be confused, I think I read that June paid for Justin’s child support. She might have paid for new teeth also.

They also noted how Justin wanted to give Alana $30K in the upcoming midseason finale. So, if they have this kind of money, why is Mama June paying for his needs? Did anyone have a solid answer?

  • All the ones who have had surgery &/or teeth including Justin was free to them with sponsorship through the show.
  • He gets money for being on the show too. Pumpkin also has an account for Alana. Alot of this show is set up for TV

Recently, June’s sister, Doe Doe Shannon was doing a live and she revealed Justin made a crazy amount of money last year.


There are a lot of questions revolving around the family and their ability to scam. Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is a prime example of this. Fans felt horrible for her when they saw how Mama June left her with $33K in her Coogan account. June made the excuse that Alana had been paying her own bills since she was a kid. Plus, all of the money was in one account.

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson-YouTube
Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson-YouTube

Therefore, that paid for family trips, a home, and finally, June was heavily into her addiction so she used it for that. Alana was so sad because she needed money for college so she recently went live to ask for donations for her spring semester. Fans generously donated but the moment the money hit, Alana was out, getting her nails and lashes done.

@officialmamajune #stitch with @Kailyn Lowry thr truth behind alanas miney and what i dod and saying my yruths #mamajunr #honeybooboo #money ♬ original sound – Mama June

Followers questioned what she was doing with the money and if she was using it for school. Mama June also shared Alana had $160K in a Coogan account in California so she did have money put away. Plus, she offered to pay Regis University the money she owed Alana directly so her tuition could be somewhat covered. Clearly, there are a lot of murky waters with this family.

In the end, it is unclear if June fronted Justin the child support money as he was building his brand. More so, it is unknown if they get dental procedures done for free as June was struggling with a missing tooth that cost $32K. Do you think June still pays for Justin’s life or is it her name that has helped give him a fat bank account? Let us know in the comments and watch Family Crisis Friday on WeTV.

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