Mama June Set To Pay Alana Back, Done With Money Situation

Mama June-YouTube

Mama June Shannon is set to pay her daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson back after stealing her money. More so, she wants to be done with the whole financial situation and put it to bed. So, how is she planning on doing this? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Set To Pay Alana Back, Done With Money Situation

When Mama June showed Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson how much was left in her Coogan account, it was a huge shock. Both Alana and her sister, Pumpkin expected there to be around six figures but there was a measly $33K. That would seem like a lot for an average eighteen-year-old, as June pointed out.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

Yet, as Alana noted, she had been working since she was six so this was not an accurate figure. June tried to make a plethora of excuses like Alana paid for her all of her own expenses and bills. Then, she noted that she used $150K to buy a home.

Honey Boo Boo/YouTube
Honey Boo Boo-YouTube

June also said she did not steal it as she used it for her addiction but it was not hers to spend. There was also the alleged 50% taxation on some of Alana’s money for jobs she had done. No one believed this or what she had done especially since Alana needed this for college. After seeing this, Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry made a TikTok explaining how she had been given guidance in protecting her children and their finances. June came back and made a stitch responding to Lowry.

@officialmamajune #stitch with @Kailyn Lowry thr truth behind alanas miney and what i dod and saying my yruths #mamajunr #honeybooboo #money ♬ original sound – Mama June

She shared that she will be giving Alana back $30K, something she had planned to do earlier. Unfortunately, Mama June’s eldest daughter, Anna Cardwell was battling cancer so it fell by the wayside. Now, Alana will be back for Spring break so she will be giving her the money and it will be done properly. They will each sign paperwork so it will be over and done with.

Justin Demanded This

In the preview for the Family Crisis midseason finale, Mama June’s husband, Justin Stroud demanded she pay back Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. Alana had returned home to Georgia from Colorado and they all sat down together. He said that June would pay Alana $30K or he would pull it out of their account for his stepdaughter. Allegedly, he had no idea what she had done but June’s son-in-law, Josh Efird said this made sense. Mainly because it all went down before he even met June so of course, she would keep him in the dark.

Are you happy that Alana will finally get her money back from Mama June? More so, do you think it is enough, or does June owe her more? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Friday on WeTV.

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  1. well she owes her 150,000 for home ahe bought and sold. she did biy her a car nails hair clothes and pd for sis college she owes that to her and vacs dinners anything she bpught her wedding etc drugs what have u

  2. Unfortunately, addiction costs a LOT of $$. However, June clearly stated she bought that $150k house for Alana’s future, so she should also pay that back along with the 30k. Can’t take a non-educated country bumpkin and give them money with no financial guidance. I personally don’t approve of the hair, nails and lashes (AND hair extensions), but Pumpkin and Josh deserves credit too for stepping up and helping raise Alana. Lastly, why does NOBODY on this show have a job, but the bling-bling makes me need sunglasses!! Check out boyfriend’s wrist….and those full color tattoos!

  3. She owes her so much more!!! If Alana lets her get by with $30,000 she’s crazy. I’d get an auditor and financial person and have them figure out exactly what she owes her and make her pay every cent back plus interest!!! June is nothing but a thief and liar and a horrible mother. Who does that to their child!!!!

  4. June should pay Alana back some of her money raising a child is hard and where there’s money there’s always a need for it. This family has been through a lot and the progress they’ve made will be a complete waste if Alana doesn’t get compensated. June please do the right thing and work it out with yo Honey Boo Boo, Love the show from the first episode till current. Also wanna send a shout out to Pumpkin, Josh and Doe Doe for their tireless efforts stepping in for Alana when June wasn’t around. Work it out family

  5. Alana is now 18, give her money to her, she’s in college now and needs it to live, no more child support to pumpkin, now she can focus on her kids

  6. June lived the “bling” life off of the backs of her children. She brags about the money as if she earned all of it. Accountability for her past reckless behaviour in blowing through her money and then gaslighting her children is key on mending fences.

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