Mama June’s Sister Reveals Justin Stroud’s Fat Bank Account

Justin Stroud, Mama June, Doe Doe Shannon-YouTube

Mama June Shannon’s sister, Doe Doe Shannon has revealed her brother-in-law, Justin Stroud’s fat bank account. The couple has been fighting over money since it came out that June lied to her daughter Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. She had taken most of her hard-earned child performer money which Justin did not know. Yet, has he been stockpiling away his own funds? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June’s Sister Reveals Justin Stroud’s Fat Bank Account

When Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson was left with just $33K in her account, Justin Stroud was floored. His wife, Mama June had never been fully transparent about where the money had gone or how she deposited it. In his mind, honesty was keeping him sober. More so, he believed that lies in their marriage could be a dealbreaker. In the upcoming episode of Family Crisis, Alana has come back to Georgia from college in Colorado. Justin tells June she needs to give her daughter $30K or he will do so. How does he have that kind of money aside from doing the show?

Justin Stroud/YouTube
Justin Stroud-YouTube

According to a Reddit thread, Doe Doe was on a live and she revealed exactly what Justin has in the bank. The OP wrote this:

  • Doe Doe on her live said that Justin made 100K last year .

Again, he makes money from being on the show, and the couple has given many exclusive interviews so that definitely helps. He is also on TikTok showing off trinkets he allegedly makes as well as selling items he buys and then resells for a higher price. However, $100K seems like an excessive amount. So, what did followers think when they learned about that number?

  • How???!
  • Supposedly from the show and his other job plus side things this is what she said on her live video last night .
  • He made more than that even. Cash app and Venmo payments prob weren’t 1099 yet.
  • They are all grifters . The show is so staged
  • They spend money like water though, so I can see it going quickly.

They do promote anything and everything, something Mama June has been called out for so that could bring in a pretty penny.

@officialsmallz I think the @1UP Candy got the best of us. #smallz #thomasjustinstroud #1upchallenge #sourcandychallange #straightface #facemaker ♬ original sound – Justin Stroud

He Is The ‘KING’

When Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson was upset about her money being gone, she made a point. Mama June had enough to cover Justin Stroud in diamonds such as his ‘KING’ necklace. Both June and Justin treat themselves quite well and indulge as does Alana. So, as someone mentioned above, they know how to shop therefore $100K is a drop in the bucket for big spenders.

Do you think Justin really has $100K in his bank account and more importantly, how do you think he got the money? Let us know your thoughts and watch the midseason finale of Family Crisis Friday, April 12th on WeTV.

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  1. think it’s only rite that mama give Alan’s money back I Turley like June she is a very good person and a great mom we all have had are ups and downs in our life’s not everyone is live and broadcast to the nation that don’t make her a bad mom I don’t like how everyone is always trying to shoot her down this is for mama June don’t let these people make you feel down hold your head up high and just know tomorrow his a new day live love and laugh enjoy what God has given you and stand by your man don’t let people talk on him he loves you and I do too you can write me anytime love you and your daughters they should count their blessings that they have you and that you did not turn your back on them and walk completely out of their lives it takes a strong person to stay most run away and never come back to their family’s you stayed through it all I’m proud of you they should be to I’m so glade you our still with your family again ❤ you mama

  2. While you said you “Turley like June” and think she’s “a great momma”, it’s obvious that spelling & grammar aren’t really your strong suits. Did you consider the amount of money Alana made, starting @ six??? By the way, how many THOUSANDS of dollars did this great mother (June) waste on drugs, men and EATING ? No one is perfect, for certain. But I think Pumpkin is Alana’s “mother”, caretaker and FRIEND due to love. Josh is awesome, too.

  3. I seriously doubt this is a “real” post. But I’ll be very surprised and
    “I’m so glade you rite” post it.

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