‘Summer House’ Fans Miss ‘Genuine Vibe’ Of OG Partying Cast

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Summer House fans are expressing how much they miss the “genuine vibe” of the OG partying cast. The idea of the show is for friends to be able to let loose in the Hamptons after working all week. Now, it feels like all of that has been lost in the shuffle. Keep reading for more details on what viewers are saying now eight seasons in.

Summer House Fans Miss ‘Genuine Vibe’ Of OG Partying Cast

Vanderpump Rules gave way to Summer House thanks to Stassi Schroeder and the Wirkus twins. Stassi was friends with Ashley and Lauren Wirkus. The three of them were dining at SUR and told her how they would be in the Hamptons for the summer. Therefore, she decided to spend her birthday there. She gathered Scheana Shay, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney in Season 5 to head from California to Southampton and thus, SH was born.

Ashley, Lauren Wirkus-YouTube
Ashley, Lauren Wirkus-YouTube

As time has gone on, new cast members have come in, or “friends of” have become part of the main cast. Others have been one-season wonders whereas Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke, and Amanda Batula have been there since its inception. However, fans have come to the point where they are growing tired of the missing cast. A Reddit thread was started to explain this frustration:

  • Why is there one person missing every weekend? This used to be rare, like if someone had a wedding to go to. Now it’s every weekend. They only tape on weekends for 2 months so it’s not like they need time off.

Summer House fans started to discuss the good old days of the show and how much they missed them:

  • Remember when they would party all day Sunday and then drag themselves back to NYC all hungover as sh** early Monday morning?? Those were the days lol.
  • I miss when they talked about the Sunday scaries and would milk every last drop of being at that house before they went back to their small apartments. They need to test out doing a summer house with a new cast of regular working people again.

Possible Reason?

One person noted a possible reason for this Summer House change. They cited how there may not be enough rooms in the home to allow everyone to stay the entire summer. So, if they want to bring back a fan favorite, someone may have to exit for that particular weekend to make this happen. This makes perfect sense and is perfectly reasonable. However, since this has become an issue and they do an aftershow, maybe someone could address this like Kyle Cooke.

Have you noticed this change and do you miss the good old days of the show? Let us know and watch Summer House Thursdays on Bravo.

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