Jax Taylor Slams ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Claiming It Is Scripted

Jax Taylor-YouTube

Jax Taylor is recently seen slamming Vanderpump Rules and says it is scripted. This could be true, but fans have a hard time believing anything Jax says. Jax is going through a hard time right now and he could have been drunk when he said it. However, he gave some good points that make people think it could be true. It would not be the most surprising thing they have heard about the show.

Jax Taylor Goes Through Separation

Jax Taylor is currently going through a separation from his wife Brittany Cartwright. Brittany needed space from Jax and is doing just that. They are currently co-parenting their son, Cruz. Brittany is going from Airbnb to Airbnb. She recently revealed that Jax refuses to go to couples therapy to try and save their marriage. So, could Jax have been drinking and deflecting to cope with what he is going through? Or is there truth to what he is saying?

Jax Taylor-YouTube
Jax Taylor-YouTube

Jax Says Show Is Scripted

A TikTok was posted where Jax is seen slamming the show.

“They don’t even hang out with each other. Show me a scripted show and I’ll show you f*cking ‘Vanderpump Rules’. Scripted! Scripted! I’ve been on this show for nine f*cking years, this is scripted. I’ll be on it next week I’ll tell you what, it was scripted. This is disastrous. Don’t get me wrong, when we started it was awesome. Seasons one through six organic, it was real. Now everybody starts to have money, now it becomes fake. Anything after six seasons is a wash. It’s a f*cking wash. Nobody shows up- Chanel earrings on at the beach. At the beginning, this was our job and this is what we loved to do. This is when it goes too far. Now you have a real show! Back to where it all started. This is organic, it’s real. These are all brand new people. We’re all struggling.”

Jax did not show any mercy when it came to calling the show out. However, this gives fans a lot of insight. 


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It seems that according to Jax, the show is scripted. He says the only real and raw seasons were the first through sixth. This just so happens to be the ones Jax is on as well. However, he claimed that when he was on this season of the show for an episode, it was scripted. Why would he call out the show like that? Does that mean The Valley is scripted as well? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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