‘Summer House’ West Wilson Struck By Car Biking In The City

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Summer House star West Wilson was just struck by a car during a bike ride in New York City. The Bravo newcomer shared the details from the event and it was definitely an experience. How is he doing? Read on to learn all of the information.

Summer House West Wilson Struck By Car Biking In The City

This season of Summer House was supposed to revolve around the impending wedding between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. They struggled until they ultimately opted to call off their destination nuptials set in Mexico. More so, the aftermath was far worse but a lot more will happen in Season 8. This includes Paige DeSorbo setting down new roots in New York City. Yet, her longtime boyfriend, Craig Conover feels slighted as he resides in Charleston. He has been waiting for her to make a commitment and move in with him in the house he has set up for them. That has not happened and likely won’t for a very long time.

Paige DeSorbo-Instagram
Paige DeSorbo-Instagram

Then, there are newcomers like West Wilson and Jesse Solomon. The viewers went crazy for Jesse from the moment that he entered the scene. As for West, he has also gotten a great reception:

Unfortunately, according to Page Six, West just suffered an accident on his bicycle. “Everyone has a New York first, you know, and I scratched one off the bucket list today. I, like, braked hard and just kind of let my hips and torso, like, eat the hood of his car,” Wilson shared. He was riding his Citi Bike in the proper lane and there was a green light. However, a driver apparently did not see the Summer House star and crashed into him.

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Fans Worry

Clearly, after learning about the accident, Summer House fans were worried about West Wilson. More so, they left comments for him to be safe while also joking around:

  • *gets hit by car, proceeds to tik tok and bike* as you should
  • I think @Paige DeSorbo has been hit by a car in NYC. It must be a right of passage
  • West on the FYP! Stay safe out there!

Finally, co-star Amanda Batula congratulated West for his achievement and he seemed relatively unfazed by the day’s events. Ultimately, it is good to see him living his best life.

What are your thoughts on West this season? Moreover, are you happy that he was cast on the show? Lastly, is this his right of NYC passage? Let us know and watch Summer House Thursdays on Bravo.

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