Julianne Hough Explores New Horizons, Leaving ‘DWTS?’

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Could Julianne Hough be moving away from Dancing With The Stars?

Fans were delighted to see the professional dancer return to the ballroom as a hostess last season. But since she’s so talented, she has plenty of opportunities available to her. Will one of them steal her away from DWTS?

That’s the question many fans are currently asking as Julianne Hough pushes forward with her fitness and dance studio. Keep reading to get the scoop and see what’s going on.

Julianne Hough Hopes To Expand Her Brand

Dancing With The Stars fans know that Julianne Hough has a rich, vibrant career spanning across stage and screen. After leaving DWTS as a pro dancer, she got into acting. She starred in the Footloose remake and Grease Live! on Fox. Even recently, the Utah dancer announced she would star in a new horror film, The Bride!, which will be in theaters in October 2025.

When Julianne isn’t acting or hosting DWTS, she’s also focused on entrepreneurial endeavors. And that’s taking up quite a bit of her time these days.

Julianne Hough and friends at the KINRGY launch from Instagram
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As per The Sun, Julianne Hough just opened a brick-and-mortar location for her dance studio, KINRGY. One staff member of the studio spoke with The Sun and explained the brand is looking for ways to grow and expand.

“I know that that’s the plan. They’re definitely looking to [expand],” the staff member said before joking, “World domination.”

By all accounts, it seems like the KINRGY brand is really taking off.

While Julianne’s fans are excited about her new business opportunity, several remain concerned. After all, her predecessor Tyra Banks also left DWTS in order to expand her business interests.

Will Julianne follow in Tyra’s footsteps?

The Hostess Will Return To DWTS For Season 33 At The Very Least

Fans were sorely disappointed when Julianne Hough dropped out of the 2024 tour at the last minute. However, she’s already signed on to be part of Dancing With The Stars Season 33, along with Alfonso Ribeiro. At the very least, she will be back for one more season.


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After that, Julianne’s plans might still be up in the air. But one thing is certain — she’s much more popular with fans than Tyra Banks ever was. Julianne may not be perfect, but she won over more fans in one season than Tyra did during her three-season run as hostess.

Are you excited to learn about Julianne Hough’s new opportunities? Do you hope she’ll stay on as the hostess of Dancing With The Stars? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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  1. Tyra looked like her clothes were designed to have her outshine the dancers.
    Julianne acted like it was her goal to ask the contestants questions, not outshine them outrageous outfits.

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