‘DWTS’ Tour Upsets Fans With Major Casting Shake-Up

Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram
It seems like there are quite a few issues with the ongoing Dancing With The Stars tour.

Casting shake-ups happen now and then, but this tour has had several issues since it began. Now, many ticket holders are upset that one key celebrity guest has pulled out of the show altogether.

What exactly is going on?

One celebrity guest bails on the DWTS tour

The Dancing With The Stars pro dancers have incredibly busy lives. And sometimes injuries happen. But when a dancer drops out of the Dancing With The Stars tour, many ticket holders feel sorely disappointed.

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Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

“Wow. I’m disappointed. 😢” one Redditor shared on the platform. They attached a screenshot of an official announcement revealing that the tour would be short one celebrity guest who had canceled their scheduled performances.

“To our DWTS fans, we’ve been so looking forward to having Julianne Hough join us on tour for select dates; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, she will unfortunately no longer be a special guest for her scheduled dates. We can’t wait to put on an amazing show for you at our upcoming stops. See you on the road!” the post read.

Screenshot of DWTS message from ActivityAncient4324 on Reddit

The news did not sit well at all with fans

Other DWTS fans expressed disappointment too. But fans were also pretty confused. Up until this post, the Dancing With The Stars tour gave no indication that Julianne Hough pulled out of the show. On top of that, Julianne hadn’t said anything on her own page either.

Julianne Hough from Instagram
Julianne Hough/Instagram

Other Redditors wrote:

  • I wonder why she couldn’t go to her dates. Hopefully she’s not injured or anything like that.”
  • “I do wonder how long ago she dropped out and how long did tour production know. … And if she will even address it or make a small statement on her own Instagram about her not doing her dates.”
  • “INCREDIBLY f****d up for the tour to relegate this to a story and not put it on their page proper. Not everyone looks at stories on Instagram and some people go out of their way to avoid them. Screen readers for people with sight issues also can’t read a graphic. I get they don’t want to deal with what will undoubtedly be an extreme amount of backlash but Jesus Christ this tour is a mess.”
  • Julianne hasn’t said anything on her own page. Lol She posted today and did several stories as well. If anyone should make a statement it should be her, she dropped out.”
 This isn’t the only hiccup the 2024 DWTS tour went through this year. Sound engineer and music director Adam Powell was kicked off the tour abruptly. Since parting ways with the DWTS tour, he’s been pretty vocal about the production’s deteriorating quality.


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What do you think of the situation? Are you disappointed by all the setbacks with this year’s DWTS tour? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Check back soon and see what’s going on with Dancing With The Stars next!

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