‘DWTS’ Derek Hough Reveals Not Surprised Tyra Banks Is Out

Derek Hough and Tyra Banks from YouTube Dancing With The Stars, Disney Plus

Although it will be several months before Dancing With The Stars Season 32 arrives, changes are already in motion. By now, most fans have heard that Tyra Banks is out as hostess. Instead, former pro Julianne Hough will take over her spot. Her big brother Derek Hough is a judge now, so many fans are delighted to see the siblings reunite in the ballroom.

But in a recent interview, Derek revealed that he’s really not surprised that Tyra Banks chose to part ways with the series. Keep reading to learn more about his true thoughts.

Derek Hough wasn’t shocked when Tyra Banks announced her departure

Although fans and execs alike were surprised when Tyra Banks abruptly quit, Derek Hough wasn’t really caught off guard.

Derek Hough from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBCDWTS, Disney Plus
The Ellen DeGeneres Show/NBC

“I wouldn’t say that it was surprising,” the DWTS judge told Us Weekly this week. “She’s got a lot on her plate and a lot of things happening in her future. She’s one person that will always work and will always be an entrepreneur and always create opportunities. And she’s a powerhouse.”

The 49-year-old said she was leaving in order to focus on future business endeavors, like her own ice cream line. Tyra Banks wasn’t very popular with audience members and many were happy to see her leave.

But even so, many DWTS cast members are taking the high road and wishing her well.

Tyra Banks from YouTube, Chicks in the Office DWTS, Disney Plus
Chicks in the Office/YouTube

“Tyra was just unbelievably gracious — like really, truly, gracious, and I just have to give her absolute props,” Derek continued. “She just sent Julianne the most beautiful message, and I’m just really grateful to her for her grace.”

Likewise, Tyra Banks had nothing but kind things to say about Julianne Hough taking over her spot.

Although Derek and Julianne do enjoy poking fun at each other as typical siblings do, the judge told Us Weekly he was thrilled his younger sister was returning to the ballroom.

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, YouTube
The Ellen DeGeneres Show/NBC

“She’s a great host. You know, we hosted Disney specials together and she’s fantastic,” Derek said of his sister. “She also happens to be an amazing dancer and singer and everything else, but … she was part of the show and she knows the show and she’s part of the [DWTS] family.”

Check out the full interview here:

The DWTS judge definitely has his plate full this fall

A few months ago, several DWTS fans thought that Derek Hough might part ways with the series. He announced that he would go on tour this fall, which just happened to coincide with the newest Dancing With The Stars season.

The good news is that Derek will return to the judges’ desk this fall. He confirmed this and said he was going to balance his judging duties alongside his tour schedule.

It’s definitely going to be a hectic fall for the 37-year-old dancer, who is also planning his wedding to Hayley Erbert. But Derek Hough loves keeping busy and can’t wait to show his fans what he’s bringing to the stage this year.

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